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Getting The Perfect Holiday Red Lip

The Holidays are in full swing, and with that comes a surge in the red-lip trend. And how can we argue that this particular look is fabulous? If you’ve had trouble committing to this bold shade in the past, but long for an old Hollywood Glamour look (even just for the evening), here are some fabulous tips for prep and application, for red lips that are sure to turn heads.

Tip 1: Know Your Options. Many people assume that red lips absolutely must be matte. And while matte red lips are timeless and often budge-proof, they certainly are not for everyone. Don’t be afraid to look to mineral makeup for more nourishing formulas. There are brands that boast both beautiful results, and beneficial ingredients; it is simply a matter of shopping around!

Tip 2: Preparation is Key. Many people assume that those who rock a red lip have simply perfected the art of whipping out their lipstick and putting it on, which is usually not the case! It takes preparation in most cases, and keep lips exfoliated and moisturized (always, but especially if you are going matte) is essential. There are many products on the market designed specifically for lip exfoliation, but if you are in a pinch and don’t have time to run to your local beauty store, running your toothbrush gently over your lips can be a great way to slough away dead skin cells. Make sure you follow this up with a lip moisturizer, allowing it to sink in for 1-2 hours before applying your lipstick. 

Tip 3: Don’t Discount the Power of Lip Liner. Yet another example of how most people do not simply jump into the perfect red lip look. If you are one of the many who rolls their eyes are the idea of lip liner (it seems like a gimmick, right?) it is time to rethink your perspective. While liner may not be an essential for neutral, natural, or sheer lipsticks, it really does help in boosting both the precision of your application, and the wear time of your red lipstick. Start by lining the outside edges of your lip. Once you are satisfied with your edges, go ahead and fill the rest of your lips with the same lip liner pencil.

Tip 4: Be Mindful. After your lip liner comes, you guessed it, your lipstick. Being mindful in your application is important, as you don’t want to apply your lipstick beyond the edges of the lip liner you just applied. You can choose to either apply your lipstick directly from the tube in a very careful manner, or opt for a lip brush to swipe product from the lipstick, and then apply to the lips. A lip brush can be very helpful in precision, and also ensures that you do not overdo it in the lipstick department (which can cause bleeding a feathering).

Tip 5: Optional. Many people like to tap a finishing powder over their lipstick to “set it in place”. You can do this by gentle placing a tissue paper over your lips, then applying your finishing powder with a brush overtop. Keep in mind that this will work to make your lips more matte in appearance, and is designed to help extend your red lip look.

Tip 6: Clean Up. It is very likely that you might make a mistake along the way. It is so important to keep calm, and most important, carry on in these situations. If you were to remove all of your lipstick/lip liner and start from the beginning at every mistake, you may just leave your lips irritated and unhappy, which we do not way! For products such as uneven lining in certain spots, simply continue application. You can either use a Q-tip with a small amount of makeup remover to even up the edges, or do the same with a trust concealer and flat ended concealer brush.

Tip 7: If You Got It, Flaunt It. Once you have your red lip complete, throw your lipstick (and any other essentials you might need) in your hand bad and enjoy your bold look with confidence!

red holiday lips

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holida red lips

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I love a pretty red lip, but I don’t always wear it. Normally its for a date night or a holiday. However, when I do wear a red lip, I always  feel more confident. 

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