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Kids Can and Can’t Play Door Printables

Hi friends, I have been MIA, no really I had my awesome inlaws since last Sunday, they flew in from Oregon City OR and left home this morning. We have had a blast! So on top of their visit and staying with us not to mention it being summer, its hard to get on here. I have to think of creative ideas to create/make, then photograph, edit, blog, and share on social media. GAH! Anyway, if you follow me on instagram I shared about a week ago some printables. I hung the “Kids Can’t Play!, but try later” one on my door why we cleaned and preped for their grandparents. I had a ton of you who asked for them and replied with “Yes please!” etc. so here are the Kids Can and Can’t Play Door Printables. 

They are both 5×7 and so you can cut the excess white paper off, use a glue stick to stick them together and laminate (optional) them. I didn’t laminate mine just because I had a paper sleeve protector. I just put them both in there back go back and then cut the sleeve protector to size and used washi around the sides. 

For those of you who just want some peace and quite, want the kids home, want the baby to stay asleep, or just want to watch a movie un-interupted I hope the one sign helps with the quiet, or the cute neighbor kids door bell ringing and door knocking.. either way, print them out and use them when needed.

TO PRINT: RIGHT CLICK SAVE AS, PRINT. kids cant play printablenewgreyjpg

kids can play sign

These printables are great, especiallywith summer time. Thanks, jen

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