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Environmentally Friendly Cotton

Today on COM its all about Fair Trade Cotton 101 aka Environmentally Friendly Cotton.  

“Fair trade” is a phrase which is used frequently in today’s eco-friendly world. Every concerned global citizen wants fair trade coffee to go with their ethically-sourced muffins at breakfast. However, there are fair trade options for many commodities, including cotton. What is fair trade cotton? What makes it different from other types of cotton? This strictly regulated, ethically sourced type of cotton has many important ways in which it can help the global community.

Fair trade Certified Producers

The fair trade method of growing and producing cotton begins with the producers themselves. Fair trade certified producers have the same conditions in most countries. Fair trade farms are typically smaller, family farms which are organized into associations or cooperatives. These cooperatives are democratically governed within themselves and farmer-owned. This allows them to work independently from standard cotton producers and not be influenced by corporations or private interests.

Set Minimum Prices

Fair trade standards are set by Fairtrade International. They are responsible for setting a minimum price for cotton crops. Having a minimum price allows the farmers to know that they will make enough money off of their crops in order to grow them sustainably. The Fairtrade minimum price is set 20-percent higher than the minimum price of standard cotton to ensure that fair trade crops are grown sustainably and the farmers are well compensated for their efforts.

Additional Premiums for Education and Outreach

In addition to a minimum price, there is also a set Fairtrade premium that is paid by the wholesale buyer for fair trade cotton. This premium, which is 5 cents USD per kilogram of seed cotton, goes to production organizations. The production organizations then use the premiums to pay for community outreach programs, education, processing equipment, health services and loans to members. This enriches the local community while also encouraging the growth of the fair trade cotton industry.

Strict Environmental Standards

There are also strict standards in place in the fair trade cotton industry which enable the protection of the environment. Fair trade cotton is grown with restricted use of agrochemicals in order to foster sustainability. Conventional cotton farming methods involve the use of harsh chemicals, such as pesticides and fertilizers. These can damage the environment, pollute the water supply and cause extreme health problems in workers and local residents. Eliminating these chemicals helps to protect the environment, our planet and ourselves.

Fair trade cotton is an incredible part of today’s world. This type of cotton is maintainable and environmentally friendly, allowing for it to be produced and used for potentially much longer than standard cotton. The strict environmental standards, paired with the set minimum pricing and premiums, ensure continued growth and sustainability.

Sounds good right? plus earthy friendly, win win!

cotton bedding 1

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bedding 2

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bedding image 3

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bedding image4

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Colorful Little Girls Room Here

bedding bellas room

 …… and…. I will be sharing my room and bedding in then next week or two.

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