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DIY White Chalk Paint Bookshelf

Hi friends, its been to long, and I could hardly wait to share this post with you. I had an itch the other day to up cycle my black bookshelf into a DIY White Chalk Paint Bookshelf.. and I did it. I did it on a spur of the moment. Once I thought about it, and got the idea in my head, I jumped up and got busy. Nothing was holding me back because I had all the supplies, and the itch hit me just right. I love the outcome and the white bookshelf totally transformed my space, from dark and a bit dated to “Neutral and Chic!” The best part is that not only did I have the supplies to up cycle the bookshelf, I also shopped my home to re-decorate the bookshelves and re-create a new gallery wall. YAY!

Lets take  look….

diy white chalkpainted bookshelf full

diy white chalkpainted bookshelf5

diy white chalkpainted bookshelf8

diy white chalkpainted bookshelf7

diy white chalkpainted bookshelf11

Here are the products I used, along with white latex wall paint.

diy white chalkpainted bookshelf9


diy star gallery wall


diy white chalkpainted bookshelf full

I’m loving the lighter look and feel of this space.

Here are some other Decor and Gallery Wall Ideas.

(8) Great Home Decor Ideas

eight-great-home-decor-ideas (1)

 Bicycle Home Decor Wall 

bicyle gallery wall

Thanks for visiting today.

Hugs, jen

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5 thoughts on “DIY White Chalk Paint Bookshelf

  1. Wow that turned out great! Thanks for sharing. I have a few laminate bookshelves that I’m thinking about painting black but I was hesitant to paint them black. I would be afraid that I couldn’t ever paint over a dark color like black. How many coats of paint did you use?

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