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Vintage Christmas Decor

Hi friends, today will be my second share of my Holiday home. Today is part of my kitchen with some Vintage Christmas decor.  When I start to decorate an area, I don’t always go into it with a theme, sometimes the theme develops as I am finishing up. For this decor I had a cute old car that I got last year that I wrapped a tree on the back of  with some bakers twine. I then found a couple more cute cars that I did the same thing too, and that’s when I thought the hutch had sort of a vintage look. Anyway, with some other cute decor such as bulb ornaments, cute jars with snow, some deers, and some Santa Clauses, and  I finished up my Vintage Christmas decor. I try every year to do something different with my hutch, since I share it so much. Hope you all like it.

vintage christmas hutch 8

vintage hutch with deer

vintage christmas car cloceh

vintage christmas hutch 10

vintage christmas hutch car

vintage hutch with bulbs1

vintage christmas decor full

vintage christmas hutch tree

vintage christmas plate wall

vintage christmas centerpiece

vintage christmas centerpiece1

vintage christmas table centerpiece

vintage christmas hutch5

vintage christmas hutch5-001

vintage christmas hutch table 1

Its the most wonderful time of the year, and I love getting all festive in my home. Thank you all so much for your visits.

Hugs, jen

Here is my Gold and Silver Hutch 

gold and silver hutch full love-001

Turquoise Red and Gold Hutch 


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8 thoughts on “Vintage Christmas Decor

  1. How cute does that deer basket look with the rest of your stuff! Adorable. I wish we had time to stay longer at your house to see everything in person better. Little crazy that day with 8 kids. 😉

    1. I know! I new as soon as I saw it where it would go. P.S. Your gift was my total fav. I love the thought that went into it and the theme, and that popcorn was the shiz. Next visit you guys can stay with us for a few days.
      XO jen

  2. Jen,

    I love how you tied the little trees to the cars with baker’s twine! Such a cute little detail!

    Your decorations are beautiful and I have loved your blog for several years.

    Keep up the great work! ; )


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