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How To Regift

Have you ever received a gift that you really did not like or perhaps did not need?

Well today on COM we are talking about How To regift? Yes’ its true, most of us have done it. wink.

So rather than throwing it away or storing it at the back of your closet to collect dust, you can instead give it away as a gift to

someone else. But you need to do so carefully for the best results and to avoid embarrassing mistakes.

This infographic provides you with five key tips that will help you regift any item successfully. In this way,

you never have to feel like you need to keep a gift you don’t want, and you can brighten someone else’s


Top 5 rules of Regifting is an

infographic that was produced by Gumtree


 For more inspiring ideas on gifts, check out this link here

top 20 handmade gift ideas

 and here


Happy gift giving, and thanks for stopping in today.


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2 thoughts on “How To Regift

  1. Great tips! My friend regifted items to me from her Bridal Shower, and yep I was in attendance. The funny thing is, if she knew you regifted to her, she would be sooo upset 🙂 I also opened a few wedding presents that had Christmas tags inside the gift from someone else. Ha ha.

    1. Ha Ha, Oh’ know. My sister got a re-gift that was a re-gift. In other words our SIL got a re-gift from her sister, and she just re-gifted it to my sister. She forgot she told us that she got the Disney bag from her sister. LOL.

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