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How to make a coat hanger out of old outlet plugs

DIY- How to make a coat hanger out of old outlet and plugs

Electronic market and e-waste are growing at the same rate.

It takes thousands of years to degrade non-biodegradable waste. Researchers are

finding solutions to fix this problem, but here is something you can certainly do to

show a sense of responsibility towards saving the Mother Nature by reusing home-
based non-biodegradable waste. This waste is usually easy to find, but if you are

baffled to find some then you can get those from a Handyman or a Hardware shop. DIY is one of

the greatest ideas that tend to bring out the eco-geek inside you without being too


To start with, turning an old power outlet and plugs into a coat

hanger is surely a decent idea that you can try at home.

Material Needed:

  • European Outlet
  • Two plugs
  • Two big nails
  • 10 inch long heat shrink tube
  • Screwdriver, Vice & Lighter

After going through step-by-step instructions (listed below),

your first DIY hack will feel like a piece of cake.

Step 1: As you would be using old/unused plugs that were

lying in table drawer for years, they would require proper cleaning. Remove all

wires and dark stains.

Step 2: Now comes the toughest part, i.e. bending nails

at a certain angle with the help of vice to make them function as hooks – As I

didn’t had the required equipment, I took the help of my friend at Hays NYC. Once the straight nails are bent,

you need to cover them with heat shrink tube. Heat the tubes with the help of

lighter. After being exposed to heat, it shrinks tight over the nails.

Step 3: You have hooks and plugs ready. Now, you need to

combine both the parts together in order to make the pegs. For this you need to

put nails in the strain release of the plug. Tighten it and close the plug.

Step 4: You have all the essential components ready. Now,

screw the outlet to the wall tightly and plug in the plugs the same way you do to

charge your Smartphone and you are done.

plug coat hanger

coat plug hanger3

coat plug hanger 2

Pretty Cool and a great way to recycle!

Thanks for stopping by, jen

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