Clipboard Wall Art With Free Printables

I have been wanting to create some cute printables for awhile now, mainly because I’ve been wanting to use clipboards to hang them on.

So in today’s post I  am sharing my “Clipboard Wall Art with Free Printables”  display.

You know to create “another gallery wall!” I swear that is what almost every wall in my house is? is that bad? I need something new to do with them? maybe, maybe not.

Well anyway, I made some printables a few days ago, so I will be sharing how I used and displayed them . Some of the printables are song lyric printables, as well as a couple cute sayings.

I also tried to make them all a little bit different, adding a scalloped circle to one, a designer like rectangle to another, and thick stripes to even another. That way they aren’t just all black and white! I hope you guys like them. Also do you sew? Sewing printables would be super darling in a craft room, check out pinterest for some ideas. 

You can print them all out as 8 x 7 and there are a couple that can be printed as both 8 x 7 and 5 x 7. The larger clip boards were found at Staples, and the smaller ones that both come small and large were found at Walmart.

So here they are:

printable clipboard wall6

printable clipboard small

I painted the silver hardware gold with gold gilding by Martha Stewart. Its my super duper favorite paint (but beware its super strong too).

printable clipboard up close

printable clipboard wall4

printable clipboard wall 1

printable clipboard wall angle

 Here are the “Free Printables!”

This one can be printed as both a 5 x 7 and an 8 x 10

will you still love me edited



printable 8


printable 9

The printable below you can print out as a 5  x 7 or 8  x 10

printable 2

 printableprintable when you say you love


printable well hello gorgeous

free printable


To print these or save them to upload and print out at say Walmart or Costco, all you do is right click and save image as. That’s it.

Then I added pictures I took of my kids to the Clip Board Gallery Wall and I think their pictures just completed the look.

clip board gallery wall 2

clip board gallery wall

clip board gallery wall 1

Thanks for stopping by.

xo jen



  1. What a great idea and fun way to display printables.
    Kimberlee recently posted…Working Out Week 19 of 2014My Profile

  2. Love this!!!! 🙂
    Pam McCormick recently posted…5 Gifts of Life I have learned from my 4 year old Pre-ballerinasMy Profile

  3. This printable decor is RAD! Pinning it right now 🙂 Thank you for sharing! I have a 3 clipboards that I usually use for “styling” printables… Now they will be used for this 😉
    Ursula recently posted…Quick Crafts: { DIY Terrarium Tutorial }My Profile

  4. I absolutely love this and have the perfect place to put this in my house!! Would it be possible to change the spelling of aiking to aching?


  5. Too cute! Where did you find the clipboards that have the big clip with the circular hole on the clip? I can only find clipboards that have the small bar clip on them. I have looked everywhere (including thrift stores). Thanks, Kim

  6. Hi there,
    This is such a lovely idea!
    I am definitely going to use these printable for my office!

    From Canada

  7.' Bethany says:

    Where did you get the other clips that are just hanging by themselves? Love this idea!

  8. Thank you so much for sharing these printables with us and where you bought the clipboards. Was it difficult painting the clips? Any words of advice?

    • Hi Kathy, Thank you, glad you enjoy them. Painteding the clipboards was really easy. I just taped off the board and left the metal exposed. Good Luck if you decide to paint them. Jen

  9. Did you print these as photos or just on paper/card stock?

  10. Hi,
    You are awesome, thank you for sharing! How do you paint it, without ruining the clipboard?

  11. what did you hang the clipboards with?

  12. These are great! Thank you. What font did you use for the “How Wonderful” print? I would like to make a card for a friend with this font 🙂

  13. What kind of paper works best to print these on?

    • I had them printed up from Walmart and they were on like a matte finish paper. So that is what I would suggest, a matte photo paper. Thanks, jen-COM

  14. Hi there, also wondering what fonts you used for these?


    • Hi Josie,

      I wish I remembered, I just chose ones I liked when designing them on PicMonkey. I also pay for the upgrade on PicMonkey so you get more font options. Good Luck, jen

  15. This is great and I featured this idea on my recent blogpost too

  16. Hi, Jen- I just wanted to let you know I shared the link to this post on my blog recently. You probably won’t see an increase in traffic from it: I only have about 10 followers! (You’ve got to start somewhere! I did share the post on Pinterest, so who knows? Love the clipboard gallery wall! You are a great photographer!
    oh- the link to my post:

  17. HI,

    • jencraftomaniac. says:

      Please give me your email address, and I would be happy to email you that printable. Sorry about that. jen

  18. Very good post.

  19. Hi Jen,
    thank you for sharing these great ideas, i’d like to do my own for my office, what is the name of the font that you used.


  20. I LOVE this idea. The only problem is that I’m currently renting my apartment, so I can’t use nails in the walls. Do you have any other suggestions as to how to hang the clipboards? Do you think velcro command strips would be strong enough to hold them?

  21. Could the wording on the printables just be printed off on vinyl and then but on the clip boards?

    • jencraftomaniac. says:

      I made printables, so no. However, you can do that by cutting out your own letters/words and putting them on clipboards.


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