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Spring Ribbon and Cupcake Liner Wreath

Hello friends, today I am sharing this bright “Spring Ribbon and Cupcake Liner Wreath!” this wreath would be great for summer too, or a birthday party with all the fun cupcake liners. I had fun making this wreath, but really wanted to make the wreath different from traditional cupcake liner wreaths I have seen. I ended up folding a bunch of cupcake liners in half and then used another three of them to look like flowers if you will.


-“3” different choices of cupcake liners

– Ribbons (in your choice and color)

– Wreath Styrofoam form

– Hot glue gun


– Elmer’s Craft Bond Glue Spots

– 3-D chipboard stickers (optional)


I started by wrapping the Styrofoam wreath form with some ribbon. I hot glued down each end after starting and ending the wrapping. I then took cupcake liners and folded them in half. I used one of my Elmer’s glue spots in the center of the folded cupcake liner. Then to the back of the liners I added another 3-4 more glue dots to place on the wreath form. I alternated the cupcake liners and placed them on the wreath form just the way I wanted them. I ended the wreath by using more glue dots to the back of “3” more cupcake liners that I placed at the bottom of the wreath. I hot glued on the chipboard flowers to the center of the cupcake liner flowers. I  finished the wreath with some different ribbons for hanging.

Here is my “Spring Ribbon and Cupcake Liner Wreath!”

ribbon and cupcake liner wreath

ribbon and cupcake liner wreath1

ribbon and cupcake liner wreath2

ribbon and cupcake liner wreath3

ribbon and cupcake liner wreath4

ribbon and cupcake liner wreath5

ribbon and cupcake liner wreath12

ribbon and cupcake liner wreath11

ribbon and cupcake liner wreath8

ribbon and cupcake liner wreath10

This wreath was pretty easy to make and I just love the colors. I found all the items for this project at Michael’s, if you decide to make it the same as mine.

Thank you so much for stopping in today.


This is a sponsored/review post for Elmer’s, as I am part of the Elmer’s 2014 Design Team. All opinions are 100% mine.


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