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Rustic Advent Christmas Calender

Hi guys, before gobble til you wobble day hits us tomorrow, I am sharing my “Rustic Advent Christmas Calender.” 

I will be back Sunday evening for COM Monday. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. If you are shopping, please be safe and have fun. 

Supplies Needed:
– large frame (29 inches x 45 inches)
– jute, twine, or rope
– 25 pails 
– paper numbers 1-15
– paper letters for “Advent” (optional)
– mini clothes pins
– rustic bells (optional) 

How To:
I simply took a frame I have had sitting in my garage for some time. (i new that it would work great for an advent calender). I took my pails from Oriental Trading and strung the pails onto the twine/rope tieing them off with a knot for each one. Then I tied the rope around the frames sides and gave the ends each a double knot. I then cut out some numbers and used some mini clothes pins to attach them. I added the word “Advent” from some craft letter paper, and punched wholes in the letters and strung and tied it to the frame, along with some rustic bells. 

Here it is! 


I haven’t filled the pails yet, but I still have until the first, wink. The pails are 3 inches long/deep and can hold mini candy bars, chocolate Santa’s, little packages, dollar store games, etc. For the 25th day I am going to place a picture of the savior in a mini card and envelope! I can’t wait! and my kids are already so excited about it. 

Thanks for stopping by today.

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One thought on “Rustic Advent Christmas Calender

  1. Oh my goodness, this is so lovely! We use the same old advent calenders that the kids made about 10 years ago, but if we did need new ones THIS is what we would be making!

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