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Win $7,000.00 Dollars

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Publishers Clearing House for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Hi Guys, Who wouldn’t love to win some crazy cash? I certainly know that I would!
well, I thought now… with “CHRISTMAS” right in front of us, that it would be the perfect time to share with you all that PCH is giving away 
Can we all say SA-WEEEEET!

Below is a video you can watch of August’s winner! Before this man won he was living pay check to pay check. What a blessing for him to win. Be sure to watch the video. winks.
So $7,000 a week for life” promotion!
“A Week?” “WOW!” 
-Please comment below and tell me what you all would do if you won!
(if I won I would buy Christmas gifts i.e. minecraft legos for my oldest son, a bicycle my daughter really wants, maybe a Kitchen aid mixer for me because I have never owned one. Those are just some gifts I would buy. I also would love to have my children pick out some gifts to donate to the less fortunate this year. I would stick some away, and maybe go on a small vacation to visit grandma and grandpa in Oregon, its been 6 years.)
-Please let me know when you all have entered to win. EEEEEP!
-Seriously, if you won what would you all do with it? 
Be sure to check out their website where you all can enter to win. 
Psssssst, Publishers Clearing House is currently running “Win $7,000 a week for life” promotion. 
PCH has awarded over $246 Million in prizes to date.
MAY BE THIS IS YOUR YEAR! don’t forget to ENTER!



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9 thoughts on “Win $7,000.00 Dollars

  1. Well, if I win the first month I would share it with my love ones and friends, we all need a little dough to spend and then of course shop till I dropped. 😛

  2. I would party off the hospital debt I just racked up with a kidney stone. Then I’d pay the mortgage. It would be awesome!

  3. First thing I’d do is have a nice dinner party with family to celebrate. Then I’d do the boring “all off debt” thing LOL but then we could get to the good stuff…I’d completely redo my master bath & kitchen & tile the entire downstairs. I would be able to save money on decor from all the great tips I find on COM 🙂

  4. Aside from the bill paying thing, I would completely spoil my family this year. My Dad is thinking about retiring and I would let him that it would be ok and that I could help him out. I would buy my daughter a car and put a big bow on it for a Christmas present (I’ve ALWAYS wanted to do something like that!) 🙂

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