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DIY Polka Dot Pumpkin Box

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I think this will be my very last Halloween post for the year, sad… its almost here and will soon be over with. Noooooo! Man the holidays really go by to fast don’t they?! 

So today I am sharing this fun whimsical 
DIY Polka Dot Pumpkin Box

I wanted something a bit glam and gold too! (loving this gold trend) I also wanted it to be festive and something I can sit on a shelf, table, etc. I could also fill it with Halloween candy. 

Supplies Needed:
-small-medium faux off white pumpkin
-medium to large brown box (painted)
-gold metallic acrylic paint
-white acrylic paint
-light buttermilk acrylic paint
-two small sponge brushes
-1 small-to medium sized round sponge
-hot glue gun
-paper number 31
How To:
I started with a box I actually had and previously had painted as well. I then took my pumpkin and taped around the bottom of the stem and painted the stem gold. Next I added gold polka dots. I hot glued the pumpkin to the lid. I then painted the metal tag cover gold as well. I let it dry and added it back on to the box. I cut out the number “31” out of some scrap paper and glued that in the center of the gold metal tag cover. Next I cut 2 inch strips of burlap ruffled the burlap adding hot glue in between each ruffle, and hot glued “4” ruffled strips to the top of the box, pushing it down and under the pumpkin. I lastly added some buttermilk polka dots to the front of the box. 

Here is my DIY Polka Dot Pumpkin Box.
Supplies needed as well as the pumpkin, box, scissors, and glue gun. 
I adore the glam factor the gold adds. LOVE IT!

I also have to add that this project is easy to complete in a small space (apartment friendly) and would fit into a small (apartment) space if needed!
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Thank you all so much for stopping in today. Hugs, jen

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4 thoughts on “DIY Polka Dot Pumpkin Box

  1. That is too darn presh! What a darling little craft, thank you for sharing. Oh goodness … just what I need another “must do” to make this weekend – now I need one! xx, b @ being-bianca.com

  2. Very Cute! I’m on a gold kick myself. I could see filling this box with notes of gratitude and reading one each day with family during the whole month of November for Thanksgiving.


  3. Well, these are very much beautiful and attractive creations and these are shared in a very well way as well. There are several artist around the globe having expertise in crafting various beautiful shapes d allowing the world to make use of those to decorate their home and office. You are also availing the products similar to those.

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