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Knoala~ Sharing the Cutest Interactive Parenting and Children App

Today I am sharing a “Fantastic” & “Free” App for all of you. I have to share just how fun, darling, and interactive this  App is for parents and mainly “Children!” It’s called “Knoala

Once you download the App you can create a profile for yourself aka the parent, and then add your children. You can upload creative, fun, easy crafts, and activities that your young children can do. You can then share them on your profile, follow others, and even search for fun activities for your own children to do indoor or outdoors on the Knoala App. I am going to share some screen shot images from my i phone showing you just how cute and fun this is. My kids love seeing their faces pop up on my phone. They love the fun music videos and the story telling options as well as the fun activities. 

Here is what my profile looks like!
 See that cute koala Bear.. that’s Knoala, downloaded on my i phone for free! 

.. and below are some of my kids… what you do is you select an indoor or outdoor activity or something to do, click-1 then click-2 and then you hit the check mark top right, and Knoala comes up with a cute activity you can do with your child in their age range. LOVE IT! 

Below you can read just some of the great things about Knoala! Ok’ parents check them out, download the free app and start having some extra fun with your kids. 
….and I am thrilled to be one of their featured users. 

Thanks for stopping in and learning about this fun app, I sure hope you all enjoy it as much as me and my kids. 
This is a sponsored post, all opinions, thoughts, and feelings are 100% mine

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