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Halloween Hutch Decor ~ "Potions & Spells"

Today EEEEEK, I am sharing my “Halloween Hutch Decor!”
Its been raining a whole ton around here… I think we are on day 5 now! and I just love the rain. With all the rain we’ve been getting, I was really itching to decorate for Fall aka Halloween. It just feels fall and Halloween-ish outside with the smog and all, so it had to happen.

I dug out my Halloween bins and got working… I don’t know about you all, but it takes awhile to move and re-move and try out pieces until you find your theme or nitch. Then when you do get into the groove of things, and get the look you want, things start to come alive. I love playing around with my decor and seeing the theme come together. The theme I was going for is a “Potions and Spells” theme. I try each year to do something totally different since I share my hutch a lot. I like the clean look, but it’s still a bit spooky and creepy.

To create this look, I just shopped my dishes, and my Halloween decor and got creating. So here is my “Halloween Hutch Decor!” 

Halloween Hutch Decor

Halloween hutch decor

Halloween potions

Halloween Hutch Decor

Halloween Decor

I hope you all like it? have any of you started to decorate yet? I know for some its just to early, but for me its never early enough.. the holidays go by to fast. 

Thanks a bunch for stopping in today.
xo, jen
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5 thoughts on “Halloween Hutch Decor ~ "Potions & Spells"

  1. I was in Dollar Tree yesterday and saw many of your ‘adornments’ there and even picked up a few. I LOVE how your hutch came out!

    P.S. I can do without the cockroaches. Those darn things remind me of the days when those things were for real in my house. No thanks! lol

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