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How to Grow your Blogger Page views through Pinterest

Hello fellow friends and bloggers, why don’t you all get comfy with your favorite beverage and yoga pants, because I am going to un-luck (well I don’t know if its a real secret or not!) a huge “Blogger~Pinterest Secret!”
say what? YEP! it’s my secret anyway, or I at least like to think so. Please note that I am no Professional, Pinterest, SEO, all things Google equipped Computer Tech Nerd (Nerds Rule!)  Ha!
I am just a creative blogger who has been doing this for over 3 years now. I also am not a huge blogger either, but I know whats been working for me and I wanted to share it with all of you. xxo!
During this past fall and winter season my page views were nearly topping 500,000 K for the month. I was in AWE land. More page views meant more money, and with a family my size, more money is always a good thing.
So what helped me get my page views to that killer monthly number???… wait for it….. “Round-Ups!” That’s the secret! Now’ I cannot promise you that any ole’ round up will do, but I can tell you that “Food- and Round ups!” are even bigger. Why? because my Top Ten Fall & Winter Soups are still my number one most viewed and most pinned post EV-AH!  
My second most viewed and pinned post is my Top 20 Handmade Gifts. Which brings me to another point, saying “Top with a number following” is pretty big as well. So remember to use “Top 10, 20, 30, etc.”  I wish I could sit here and say that as a “Craft-O-Maniac Craft Blogger” that my crafts are getting the most pins, bummer they are not.
My DIY Handmade Chevron Earrings are my most pinned craft project- Yeah! but really its OK’ that my crafts or projects aren’t being pinned the most… because I know that there are way more (I am talking thousands more) blogs out there now, then there were 3 years ago.
Also I think crafts and projects (all though wonderful and still give much inspiration and are eye candy) aren’t “food” which everyone has to eat! or “gift ideas” where most everyone wants to make something.
They are working because most everyone can make food (follow a recipe) and handmade gifts, so I see why those two posts of mine are so popular.
There is no doubt that I love creating, decorating, and sharing my creations, so that will never stop. However, when you come to a craft brain fart, or your creative juices are just lost for sometime… do. a. “Round Up!” 
Here are my “All Time Page views” so you can see what I am talking about. (Click on the images to enlarge!)
Here is a link to my Top 10 Fall & Winter Soups. (you know fall will be here before you know it!)
-and my link to my Top 20 Handmade Gifts.
I sure hope this post helps some of you out. Perhaps the next round up you do, will help drive a lot of Pinterest traffic to your blog. Pinterest is my number one traffic builder, so I love them! Many people are starting to capitalize on this crazy level of traffic and actually are selling on Pinterest. You can use Rich Pins that help people see your clothes or crafts or whatever you’re showcasing and this only has the potential to keep growing.
If you have a dislike for Pinterest or Roundups maybe I have helped you change your mind about them.
Thanks for stopping by COM today.

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15 thoughts on “How to Grow your Blogger Page views through Pinterest

  1. How funny Jennie! I was just noticing a ton of blogs doing round ups lately and wondered if it was because it generates traffic. Now, because of you, I know that IS the case ๐Ÿ™‚ Great post!

  2. Brilliant – Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us. I always have appreciated you and your blog!!! Hugs, my friend! I’m totally excited to try this.

  3. Good advice! I’m in awe over 60 pageviews, LOL but I’m just starting out. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll have to keep roundups in mind for the future.

  4. I cant help but feel discouraged by you. I work so hard on my blog and then you come along, post my pictures as well as other peoples, and get all the traffic. How is that fair? Maybe if you were doing round-ups of all your own content that would be something worth bragging over… but when you are basically profiting from every one elses hard work I would hardly be proud of it. Its not right and I think you should reconsider your opinion of it.

  5. As a blogger who rarely does a round up, but my stuff is often featured in round ups, I thought you may want to know it’s not very encouraging to hear you are profiting so much from other people work. I rarely rarely see much traffic when I’m featured any where. So the person doing the round ups is the only one really reaping the benefits thanks to Pinterest, because all of our work is being pinned from your site.

    not a fan, not a fan at all

    1. it is sad that you’re so disappointed there are so many ways to share things on the internet now its be done by a million people and that is the least of Jen’s intent is to hurt someone or make them feel bad

  6. You are so right! I love the way photos are there forever, with their provenance (I started pinning because there were photos of my driftwood headboard all over the internet and people obviously didn’t know where they were from. Hey ladies, it’s my bed!)

    It is the easiest way to collate all the things which interest you – Pin away and suddenly realise you have a theme, so create a new board. Also I now have an inside track on people who share my love of Japanese boro, so I’m collecting lovely images from them, and sharing my own. Pictures from my website are up there too, I can let people know where they came from and keep Rough Linen images under my watchful eye. I can even see what grabs people’s imagination – market research!

    Best of all, it is pleasurable. We Love Pinterest!

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