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Home Decor- Easter Yellow and Turquoise Hutch

~Hello Friends~

I am sharing one of my famous pieces on the blog today HA!… “My Hutch” you sick of it?…. k- don’t answer that!

All though she is famous here on COM, I do try and change her up each year for the different holidays. I try to do different colors, or if one color stays the same, then perhaps a different color(s) to go with it. I love this years look, its very clean and fresh. Plus after Easter all I have to do is remove the eggs and the silver bunnies and she can stay the way she is for summer. “Fresh Lemonade” Ah’ sounds like summer right. 

So here are some pictures for ya. 
My OCD is driving me nuts in the pic. below..
why? because the green plate on the left isn’t centered in front of the turq. one.  I didn’t notice it until I was editing my pictures, and I refused to retake them. So please forgive me for that little 
un-centered annoyance HA!  

Thank you all so much for stopping in today.
Have a great weekend. 
xo jen

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3 thoughts on “Home Decor- Easter Yellow and Turquoise Hutch

  1. Your hutch looks great! I love that oyu only have to remove a elements after the holiday and voila! I hate taking pictures and then spotting a flaw! Ah! It wasn’t bad! Your hutch looks great just as it is!

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