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Better Bathroom Renovation Tips and Ideas

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Renovate Your Bathroom Furniture

Replacing an entire suite of bathroom furniture can seem like a daunting and expensive prospect and there’s often no need, as modern bathroom suites are usually neutrally colored and made to last. If you’re bored of your bathroom and want a fresh feel and an injection of personality, here’s my grand plan… I hope it gives you some inspiration! 

 1. Rip out old, boring, plastic bath panels. Measure the area round the bath and round the lower half of the bathroom walls. Buy tongue and groove boards. Saw the boards to size, sand the edges, and create lovely vertical wood paneling all around the lower half of the bathroom. A hammer will be involved here, and possibly some muffled screams (I’m not a natural DIYer). 

 2. Paint the new paneling and the existing bathroom furniture a lovely, rich shade of cream. 

 3. Take swatches of brightly patterned fabric, cut them to size, hem the edges, and fix them to the doors of the bathroom furniture. After the paint has dried, obviously. Using bargain store photo frames, create beautiful edging around the new fabric panels. 

 4. Clean the tiles till they sparkle. Get the grout lines good and clean, too, and whiten them with grout pen. 

 5. Take a swatch of leftover fabric and get paint mixed to match one of the colors in the pattern – not the brightest shade; something that’s equal parts bright and calming. Paint the top half of the bathroom walls with this colored paint. Paint the ceiling a fresh, bright white. 

 6. Add some wall stickers to the painted walls – leaver, flowers & animals are great in a bathroom, like bathing outside with nature, but not so chilly. 

 7. Add some new accessories and towels. 8. Take lots of photos.

 Helen Davies is a keen blogger and currently works as a freelance writer for Better Bathrooms.

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