10 Lessons Mothers should Know!

Today I thought I would reach into my inner mommy self and share with you all 
 “10 Lessons Mother’s should Know!” 

for starters… I am no perfect mother, so let me get that out there right off the bat. However, I have been a mommy now for 11 years, and I do have a home of chaos or I mean “4 Children” winks! So there has been many and I mean MANY adventures along the way, and NO two days are ever the same.  

I remember being a first time mommy and doting on every sound or whimper my son would have made. If it involved blood, I almost called in the entire hospital crew. HA! Now a days if I see blood I am like Eh’ and then I search around to see if they need stitches or not, then I usually follow with..  “Well that should teach you to not do that again!” (I’m more a mean mom now, then I used to be.)

With that said, I will  jump right into my first lesson..
~ Lesson #1Don’t panic over a boo boo! That way you won’t raise hypochondriac’s (sorry Preston you are my first!) Keep calm and stay focused call for needed help if its pretty serious. Show your children that you aren’t a freaking out, over reacting physco.. and that you can get a grip on the situation. That your children know that mom is there to do what she does best~ to fix it, show love, and above all comfort. 
~ Lesson # 2Don’t sweat the small stuff! (I will admit I am still working on this) for reals though, if you walk into the kitchen and an entire box of family sized cheerios is dumped all over the floor… and.. it was your last box of cereal.. just throw your arms up and say Eh’ where’s the broom? “Its just spilled milk so to speak, and it can be cleaned up… it “all” can be cleaned up!
~ Lesson # 3“Tame the inner mama bear!” be a better example to your children and be a classier mom! Even when that brat on the bus or on the play ground keeps picking on your child and you want to give him a huge whom-ping and teach him a thing or two about Bambi and his valuable lesson… You won’t! You will keep telling your children that they are “Awesome!” and to ignore the big lame wad stink pants head! 

~ Lesson # 4Watch your tongue! (I mentioned that I was no perfect mother) it’s not cool when you are at the market and your 4 year old says “What the Hell!” (to something that was nothing) right in front of another mother with children! Yeah’ and worse was that he was saying that to nothing.. just saying it because he has heard mom say it. Oh’ and I won’t mention that my 22 month old’s favorite two words to say are “suht up” (shut up) Yeah’ there is no justifying that my kids don’t always listen to “be quiet” or “shut up!” but shut up really sounds like a naughty (not nice) word.  So I don’t say that now, Lesson Learned!
~ Lesson # 5Cereal “is” a dinner meal! It’s OK’ if your children have cereal once and awhile for dinner, Heck’ we have it for breakfast and that is supposed to be the most important meal of the day, so why not dinner?! Honestly, some days are super hectic, busy, or your just plain exhausted. Don’t beat yourself up because you aren’t Betty Crocker every night… and pour them some cereal!   

~ Lesson # 6Don’t baby your children! for example, when your kids are as old as 5 or maybe even 6 let them cook their own piece of toast, and butter it. Start giving them more tasks or chores!  Let your children have more independence and if you feel it’s something that needs to be supervised then supervise. We taught our oldest to do his own laundry at 7 and our daughter too. Giving your children more independence and teaching them how to do things at a younger age is a great self esteem booster. Plus added advantage… less laundry for you to do! winks. 
~ Lesson # 7Your not Perfect! No human being is! and no mother or father is either! I tell my children sorry if I felt I was to short, to angry, or to upset with them. I want them to know Hey’ mom isn’t perfect too, and that I fall short or fail sometimes,  but I do my very best. Make sure you let your children know that you aren’t perfect, that you will work on your faults, that you are sorry, and above all that you love their guts to the moon and back.

~ Lesson #8- Wear the Pants Tight! Make sure your children knows who’s boss! Don’t let them walk all over you.. kids can be kids. Make sure you instill rules and follow them and live by them. Creating chore charts and such help with these kinds of things. I know my children have pushed the envelope so to speak a time or two. They have tried seeing if they can get away with something or by pass the boss, Nope! I wear my mama pants nice and tight, and they know it. Children need to respect their parents and their home. 
~ Lesson # 9- Quality Time Matters! Growing up in a family of four siblings myself, it was hard at times to feel your voice was being heard. My parents would do individual dates and take each one of us kids out to dinner or a movie. Its important that our children know that we hear them, and listen to them. Quality time matters! My children love when we have family night, or when we spend individual time together. It could be as simple as coloring, reading a book, having tickle time, baking cookies, or something that makes them just feel plain “special and loved.”

~ Lesson # 10- Routines Rule! creating routines in your family is super helpful and important. I think I may have routines more because I am a bit OCD, but truly it makes the home run better, and kids need it too. Just like they have it at school or in the class room.. “Routines Rule!” One thing that I love and the kids know all to well is the “Fab. 5” they have to do this routine when they get home from school. 1-hang up their jackets and back packs 2- wash their hands 3- get a snack 4- do their chores 5- do their homework. This routine works for our fam. My other favorite thing that has become a routine is “dinner around the table” every night. We even do this fun thing my son made up… called “Best and Bestest!” what was your Best and Bestest part of your day? I love dinner time around our table its my favorite part of the day! I have all the faces I love gathered around the table, a hot meal, and we are eating.. which is another favorite thing I love! 
Like I mentioned above, I am no “Perfect” Mother, but I do my very best every day. My kids know that I love them to pieces and that they are my whole entire world. There are many days I am just flat out pooped, drained, and feel like I am doing it all wrong. I honestly feel like throwing in the towel sometimes. I know that I am probably harder on myself then I should be, but motherhood is a lot of work and can truly be extra hard at times. We have to be all these things for our children, and that can be very overwhelming. I really just wanted to share 
“My 10 Lessons Mothers Should Know!” 
these are my lessons, and I am no expert or Dr. but I feel that they work and can help you out. I hope that these Lessons will remind you to work on something in your home or with your children. Just remember that its OK if you mess up or slip up. We just have to remember to do better the next day and hope we have learned a lesson or two, and that we have taught our children a thing or two as well. 
That’s all from mama, 


  1. The biggest lesson I can give new parents is “Little kids, little problems, Big kids, big problems”. I used to worry and stress over the little things when they were little and now that they are teenagers and are ready to leave for college the problems are bigger and well as you guess more stressful. I wish for those little problems again. I agree with you on all your advise. I really love the one about independence and teaching them how to take care of themselves. I am happy that I took the time to teach my children how to cook. My kids will never go hungry because they know how to boil water for pasta, fry an egg and bake a cake.

  2. Love it! #7 is probably one of the most important things we can do and not many parents do it! I am guilty of number one though… hypochondriac mom here! I think it got worse with the thrird though… lol

  3. Well said!! Love it.

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