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Well I hope you all survived Thanksgiving, and are able to move today HA! Perhaps, some of you are getting your move on and burning some calories off shopping this BLACK FRIDAY.. Have fun, and enjoy. I am still recovering from the feast yesterday, and would totally get my mouth wired shut until after Easter, if I had my way! HA! Thanksgiving was, as usual wonderful! fun! and so tasty! My mom in my opinion is THE BEST cook ever and I have never had anyone else’s food that can even compare to my moms. It was all around amazing!

So who is NOT Black Friday shopping and instead 
“Decking The Halls?” I know that it’s a tradition for many to decorate the day after Thanksgiving, I just love that. I went ahead and put up my decor in the main living space about a week ago. So today I am sharing it with all of you. We are in a new place so it has made it even more fun to put up Christmas and see how it looks in a new place with new space. winks.
Here is my HOLIDAY HOME! 

This is the main living area all finished. I plan to show some more, so stay tuned and thanks for stopping by. Have fun Decking your Halls.
xo, jen

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