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Breast Cancer Awareness- Pink Macaroon Cookies

macaroons and some crazy fun news!
two things. 
its october – yes yes its halloween 
{every blogger and crafter’s dream come true}
but its also national breast cancer awareness month.
i really really wanted to plan a whole party around this theme and share it with you today!
but because of the second thing {keep reading} i have been super busy.
will you settle for some really cute breast cancer macaroons?! 
next year i promise a whole party dedicated to bubbies and pink. k?
i have some crazy fun news. 
like the kind that makes you jump up and down and 
pinch yourself to see if you are dreaming kind of news. 
Creative Juice has a 
yes. you read that right! 
you can head here and see all the details!
ok back to the macaroons.
aren’t they cute?

i am just obsessed with macaroons. 
if you are new to macaroons i would start here 
with my DIY guide to french macaroons.
and be sure to watch the videos – they really help.
i have my own recipe – but the one in this post is a great starting point.
if you are comfortable with macaroons, try the next level – dipping them!
for the dipped macaroons, be sure your finished macaroons have fully chilled in the fridge.
use candy melts and gently dip the macaroon to cover just under 1/2 of the cookie.
while still warm, shake sprinkles over top to cover.
place on wax paper in the fridge until set.
if you are really comfortable with macaroons – try the ribbon shape!
draw an outline of a ribbon and try piping this shape.
be sure not to drag the tip on the parchment paper – 
keep it vertical and 1/2 in above the parchment. 
and best of all? they tast AMAZING!!!!!!!
if you have no idea what a macaroon is – find one and EAT it. it will change your life lol!
see all of our macaroon adventures here
for more info on national breast cancer awareness month click here

happy entertaining
mindy starr
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These are so beautiful Mindy, and I am so glad you are sharing them with us all today. As it is so important to bring awareness to all of us woman and to all the woman in the world that we love so much. 
Make sure you get yourself checked and treat yourself afterwards with one of these delicious macaroons.

… and check out some of Mindy’s other darling creations like these darling Apple Macrons

Thanks again Mindy

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3 thoughts on “Breast Cancer Awareness- Pink Macaroon Cookies

  1. Eeeeek! I just want you to make all those gorgeous pink goodies and send them to me…oh and throw in some apples too! I make pink BC ribbon chocolate lollipops for my daughter’s dance team! I so need to study up on these too!

    Love and Hugs,
    Mrs. Kindergarten…aka…Madame Spoiled

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