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BOO- Ghost Cake in a Cup!

Hello there, today I am sharing this fun and “FESTIVE” Halloween treat. 
Boo- “Ghost Cake in a Cup!”

THIS was so simple…

I just bought some clear plastic cups, a box of vanilla frosting and a box of white cake mix. I prepared the cake mix as directed. I let it chill in the fridge. While the cake was chilling I cut out a mouth and eyes out of black card stock paper. I used double sided craft tape and added the face to the clear cup. I then took the white cake out of the fridge. I filled the cup with white cake, not using the bottom of the cake or the top of the cake, keeping the look really clean and white. In between filling the cup with cake, I did add in some white frosting. Once the cup was filled I added more white frosting to the top. I took a fork and wrapped some washi tape around the top and was done. I added a little frosting and some candy monster eyes to the top of a sliced piece of cake. 

THESE WOULD BOTH BE PERFECT, for your next Halloween party or to take to a Halloween party.

  …… {{UM.. Please don’t eat me!}}

I hope you find these helpful in your Halloween entertaining. 
Thanks for stopping in.
hugs, jen
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