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HOME DECOR- Vintage Fall Hutch

Well all though I wasn’t planning on decorating for fall, two things happened… My awesome in-laws are coming in a week “YAY” to visit… and I was at JoAnnes and spotted a (the very last one) darling fall owl. He was 50% off so I got him for around $13.00 bucks. Once I got the owl home, I new he had to have his very own spot to shine in. So I went ahead and put up some very simple fall decor. I didn’t do much. Just added some fall leaves and other pumpkins here and there. My hutch is my favorite because of Mr. Owen the Owl, I love him.

Here are some pictures. 
 ISN’T MR. OWEN THE CUTEST? I couldn’t leave him un-adopted at JoAnne’s, now could I?

the cute “7” tin I got at Michael’s Crafts

 the two different styled “vintage” plates I got at the thrift store for .75 cents each. I love them. 
Most everything in the old vintage milk crate is all thrifted items, minus the Riley Blake Chevron fabric the white mugs, the crow, the Lemon sign, the lemons, and the plates. 

and that is my “Vintage Fall Hutch” for now.. until Halloween.
Thank you so much for visiting.

hugs, jen

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11 thoughts on “HOME DECOR- Vintage Fall Hutch

  1. Looks great my friend!
    I am itching to decorate for fall, especially when I am looking outside and it is rainy and not hot!
    Wa-hoo! It’s just not time yet. Dang!
    Great inspiration though!

  2. Looks great. The plates with the flowers must have been very popular because I had the same plate when I was married to my first husband. It was his parents back in the day. Even my local pizza place uses that plate! LOL

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