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Candy Corn Painted Frame

I know I know.. most of you are still sweating, perhaps even while reading this. HA!Yes’ I get that its 90 to a100 plus outside, but HEY’ from one CRAFT BLOGGER to ANOTHER, you can never plan to early or be to prepared. 🙂 I will say this, I do not have any Halloween decor up or out.. not just yet. Soon though!

I am just VERY VERY EXCITED for Fall and Halloween to get here, plus I couldn’t wait to share with you all my first Halloween Craft for this year….also as far as thousands of craft blogs and Pinterest goes… I didn’t want to wait either and share this after someone else perhaps does or makes the same thing. OK’ I plead my case HA- just don’t hate me for sharing a Halloween project so soon… please!!!

OK’ so I am super thrilled to share with you this SUPER EASY..


The frame is by Plaid Crafts they can be found at most craft stores and in the craft section at Walmart too. I also used some cute 
Plaid Craft rub on decals, for the center subway art. 

I simply taped off the sections and painted them. I didn’t let the board dry entirely, I sanded soon after the painting was done. That way it would remove more paint in bigger pieces giving a more worn depreciated look. 

I took some cute argyle Canvas Corp paper and centered my rub ons and one by one added them to the paper. 
Then I was done. 

The cute Owl I got at Tai Pan Trading 2 years ago and the faux candy corn I got at Krumpets Home Decor a few years ago. 

SO THERE YOU HAVE IT! I think all in all this was a 20 minute project-tops. 
It would be great to put a picture of your little monsters from Halloween past in the frame, or for subway art. 
Thanks tons for stopping by.
xo, jen

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21 thoughts on “Candy Corn Painted Frame

  1. I love this! So simple and so cute! I’m with you, I can’t wait to bust out the fall/ halloween stuff. Something about it just makes it seem cooler.

    Can’t wait to see your other Halloween ideas.


  2. Love it! The frame and picture are adorable! I am so glad that I am not the only one making Halloween crafts already! My poor four year-old already has glitter stuck to her scalp and it is still August! Have a good one!

    Take care,


  3. I love it! A simple and quick project too!!! I was eyeing up Halloween decor at the dollar store yesterday. I skipped decorating for Halloween last year, but not this year. We went all out the year before and we shall again this year. Definitely not too early to think ahead. Leaves are starting to change colors here already

  4. I’m totally loving the candy corn themed Halloween projects right now – and this frame is Awesome! I’m trying to start my fall crafts, but it’s hard to get in the mood when it’s still a bazillion degrees outside. Can’t wait to see more Halloweenie Crafts 🙂

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