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Home Decor a Patriotic Hutch

4TH OF JULY IS LESS than a month away now! SO I pulled out the red white blue and turquoise and got my hutch all festive for the up coming holiday. A holiday that screams AMERICA, FREEDOM, FUN, FOOD, FIREWORKS, KIDS, LAUGHTER, FIRE CRACKERS, SNAPS, 

*Here is my hutch*

(The coffee filter patriotic garland I made a few years ago, and the star boxes I bought at Robert’s last year and embellished them. )

 I can’t wait for the 4th and fireworks! 
thanks for stopping by COM hugs, jen

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6 thoughts on “Home Decor a Patriotic Hutch

  1. I was working on something today and needed some of those little flags. I have some…… somewhere. I think red white and blue is appropriate any time.


  2. Great use of colour – and what a variety of items up there too. I love the wire basket on the top shelf. I’ve never seen one so big!

  3. It looks awesome, girly!! Since I’m from Canada, we celebrate Canada Day July 1st and no one really decorates.. It’s such a shame really. Where is our pride!? Anyways, maybe I should start!

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