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Home Decor New Entry Table from Craigslist

Oh’ I still can’t believe I got this real heavy solid wood large entry table for $65.00 dollars on Craigslist. I AM SO IN LOVE WITH IT AND ITS SIZE. 
Its even already beat up and given that worn look I like. I love it in black, BUT I am pretty sure I will paint it at some point and when I do, I will have to paint my mirror to match. I just am not ready to make the plunge to yellow, turquoise, or kelly green, IDK? I may just do both mirror and table white. White and Black are timeless and classic and will always go with your decor… will see. 
Anyway, I am sharing my new table with you all because I am as HAPPY as a little girl at a Justin Beiber concert!
 I am going to love LOVE decorating this new piece for the holidays. Thanks for stopping by COM

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