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Talent Scouted {Bliss Ranch} Wood Subway Block Art

Hello all you craft-crazy-Craft-O-Maniac-readers, (say that fast 5 times!).  I’m Bliss and I blog over at BlissRanch.  I’m pretty tickled to have something featured here with Jen one of the crafting queens in blogland.  I stop here for inspiration, so to have her fancy something I made enough to invite me over, well lets just say my head got a little too big for my hat to fit nice.

Dino The TV
Our family room got an update at Christmas.  A new television that takes up the width of allotted space and replaces a big ‘ol dinosaur of a tv.

The dino was built in with a cabinet above it, housing more junk than you can shake a stick at.  And I’m a short stick.  I couldn’t reach to do more than pop in a cd, if I could find or reach the cd in the first place.


When the old tv cabinet left, it also left an empty space above the new tv.  Light pours in this area till the sun leaves the sky – makes for a bright happy space (hard to take photos in).  After Christmas the tv sat on a toy box for a few months till I ordered a hanging bracket for the wall. Then the project just sort of stopped waiting for further inspiration.

Top poured

My husband, who I call Brawn, (because I’m the brains of the operation and he’s the muscle) decided to use the old wood from the tall cabinet to make a short cabinet and do a poured concrete top with a rough edge for a rustic look.

That’s his style.  Rough & Rustic.

Rustic concrete edge

 He stained the concrete with acid stain in some earthy colors and dabbed some on the edges.

 Everything here is reused from the original cabinet, except the new concrete top 
and the cage wire, but that is left over from the chicken coop.  
I painted the wall with the paint can closest to me, which was still sitting out 
from a project a month ago.  I did put it away this time. 
The original idea was to make the sides look like the ends of vintage wood crates 
with interesting vintage product advertising, stained onto the wood. 
I haven’t got that far, and between you and me, I probably won’t.
Notice the cute pillow on that little chair?  Linda from It All Started With Paint sent it to me.

I was a lucky duck recipient of the Pass It On Project.

 I have been eying up lots of blogland ideas and decided in the interest of no cost, to use what I had to fill the area above.  I pinned an idea from Sweet Serendipity as inspiration.  
I would love to say I raided Brawns wood scrap bin because he cleans up each time he saws,
but really all I had to do was look on the floor under his saw to find scrap pieces I could use. 
I used a combo of stencils, stickers, or made my own letters to paint everything.  
I did not paint the Grandpa & Grandma sign.  That was a gift.

 I arranged and rearranged and finally got an order I liked that would fit in the space.  We ran a piece of tape down the middle, with a line down the center of the tape,

then cut it apart between each sign.

Like a puzzle we could line it all back up once the first piece was nailed to the wall,

 by matching the taped spot with the piece above.

The wall is empty no more and the leaves are green outside once again.

hugs, jen

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