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DIY Origami Baby Mobile from B-Inspired Mama

Hi!  I’m Krissy from B-Inspired Mama.  I’m a former art teacher turned full time mama.  B-Inspired Mama allows me to connect with other moms and share simple ideas for kid-friendly arts and crafts, easy recipes, and preschool learning fun.  I love Craft-O-Maniac and am thrilled to be here sharing my DIY Baby Mobile today. 

I really lucked out; J.C. is such an easy-going baby.  As long as he has something interesting to look at, he’d lay happily on the floor all day.  But lay happily in his crib – not so much!  So this mama got to work making him something interesting to look at above his crib

I was inspired by this cut paper snowflake I found on Pinterest.  But instead of making the entire snowflake, I just did steps 1 through 14 (here) to create each hanging origami piece.  I made 12 using 2 different sizes of square scrapbooking paper, but you can create and use as many or as few as you’d like.

 DIY Origami Baby Mobile

Origami Baby Mobile 2

Origami Baby Mobile Tutorial 1

Once you have created your origami pieces, you can use them to create the mobile.  You will need…

  • the inside hoop to a large embroidery hoop, painted the color of your choice
  • paperclips
  • embroidery floss or other light string
  • scissors
  • origami pieces
Origami Baby Mobile Tutorial 2

1. Clip a paperclip on the point of each origami piece.
2. Use a square know to tie a 12” length of string to each paperclip.

Origami Baby Mobile Tutorial 3

3. Use a square knot to tie each string/origami piece onto the embroidery hoop.  Prop the hoop on the edge of the table to help evenly space out the hanging pieces.

Origami Baby Mobile Tutorial 4

4. Tie three pieces of equal length string to the hoop equal distances apart.
5. Bring the other ends of these together and tie together and then to a paperclip for hanging.
6. Hang completed mobile from an eye hook installed securely in the ceiling.

Origami Baby Mobile 1

Does your baby have a mobile?  Does he/she like it?  Have you ever crafted anything for your baby?

VERY CUTE KRISSY, I love it, plus you can make it any colors and papers to your liking. AWESOME!
winks, jen

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