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{Serious Nautical Crush}

I think I have had a love for Nautical for several years. I think I just love Navy! It looks great with yellow, red, coral, turquoise, white almost any color. Plus Nautical is so summery, fresh, and plain fabulous. Today I am sharing with you some favorite Nautical finds I have found via the web. Now who is ready for summer? I AM!

 Nautical chunky striped chair- source here
 Nautical Necklace- source here
  Gorgeous Nautical mud room- source here
wearing Nautical is classy looking and looks great. Source here
 Accessorize in Nautical with a cute Nautical rope bracelet.  Source here
Oh My’ what is not to love about Nautical Nails. Source here
 Nautical pillows and throws are the perfect touches to your  home decor. Source here
 Nautical room with coral, can we say CRUSH! source here
 Lets not forget about all the cute Nautical parties you can throw. Source here
 … and here are my cute Nautical Napkin with Lifesavers. My baby will be having a Nautical 1st Birthday party this Saturday. MORE ON THAT NEXT WEEK.
NOW WHO WANTS TO GO WITH ME TO THE BEACH? WALK the BOARD WALK, eat some fresh fish, go sailing, drown your feet in the sand, splash in the ocean water, eat some salt water taffy, soak up the sun? LETS GO!
xo, jen

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3 thoughts on “{Serious Nautical Crush}

  1. How is it possible that baby is a year old?? I love the chair and I tried to click through to buy the t-shirt, but couldn’t find a store source. I have always loved nautical things.

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