Nautical Party Decor- life saver wrapped silverware

Today I am sharing with you all my …
“Life Saver Wrapped Silverware.” My sister in law sent me a cute image on FB of some life saver wrapped silverware. I believe the original source is here.  I wanted a Nautical Themed party for my son who will be the big “1” this weekend. DON’T YOU ALL REMEMBER when I announced I was pregnant? YEP’ A YEAR FLEW! 

I have some cute stuff in mind for his Nautical 1st Birthday Party, and these are the first things I made.So HERE THEY ARE!

 This project (if I can even call it a project) was so darn easy. Just place the silverware in the napkin, wrap the napkin around the silverware, add your life saver, tie, and done.

THANKS FOR STOPPING BY COM. Lots of love to you all.
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  1. Jen-
    Love it! The simpler the better right? Also, your pics rock! Your little guy is darling and I can’t wait to see the whole party posted! Miss you!!!

  2. Love, love, love the party decor! and how cute is your little man??

  3. They look great with the blue polka dot napkins! I can’t wait to see everything else, it will be darling. Hopefully sending a little something his way tomorrow or Thursday.

  4. Happy 1st birthday to the little man, and those lifesavers on the napkins….. those would have me talking at the party-they are caauuuuttt.


  5. He is SO cute! My baby turns one on Thursday…this year went by way too fast! Maybe it’s because I know this is my last baby, so I’m trying to savor everything about it! Happy Birthday!!

  6.' Anonymous says:

    I love your blog but sometimes your grammar and spelling turns me off. The word “saver” is right there on the candy you’re using and it’s spelled incorrectly everywhere from the url, to the post title to inside the post itself. I don’t expect this comment to be posted and I’m not trying to be mean but come on!

    •' Anonymous says:

      Seriously, you come on! This blog is about “crafts” and sharing great ideas. Jen does both. So what if she misspells a word every once in awhile. She’s not blogging about “Shakespeare” for Pete’s sake. I feel sorry for you that something so trivial would bother you so much. Haven’t you ever heard of “don’t sweat the small stuff?”. Well, misspelling words IS small stuff.

  7. Wow. Gorgeous. The craft is nice, too. 🙂 Take care, Linda

  8. I love your site!! I just started blogging please come by and join me as i love to sew and craft.

  9. Hi, Jen! I love your nautical party decor! You are so creative! {Your little boy is a doll!}

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  11. You seriously come up with the cutest ideas! Love the napkins! I visit many blogs in a day (I don’t have one myself)and yours is my favorite! I love that your blog is real and you blog about food, crafts, family, anything that is important to you. You ARE real, and that’s why we love you! Thank you for being an inspiration.

  12. ah what a great idea! perfect!

  13. So fun to sit next to you for one of the classes and discuss our love of Michael Kors 🙂

    I am your newest fb fan and I was already a follower before! love your blog and your craft room.


  14. CUTE!!! Love the colors and I love the life saver idea! Cant wait to see the entire party 🙂

  15. I love it!! Such a cute idea!! Hope you little one has the best birthday!!

  16. Cute theme! I want to see a full recap of the party! My sweet 1 year old’d party is this weekend…heartbreaking how fast they grow!

  17. Totally Perfect!!! I’d love to have you share at my party…it JUST opened!!!

    XO, Aimee

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