{{Mini Master BR Makeover}}

Hello Friends-

Today I am showing you pictures of my “MINI Master bedroom Makeover” now all though I want a complete bedroom makeover, something more hip and fresh, its going to have to wait until later in the year. So for now I just decided to freshen and CLEAN things up a bit. I think my theme this year has been “LESS IS MORE” its amazing how just removing some stuff and lightening it up a bit  makes such a huge difference. 

WHAT CHANGES DID I MAKE: (you can see the difference in the BEFORE AND AFTER PICS.)
I removed my wreath from the hung shutter and added a rustic star
I added cut duck cloth to my bed tables and added the lamps
I hung my light coraly/pink plates a little higher above the bed tables
I removed a bunch more items from my headboard shelf (I actually did this sometime ago)
I changed the ribbon on curtain
I removed a bunch of pillows and just used the one center pillow
and lastly I cleaned up the tops of the bed tables as well


.. and there you have it, NO MONEY involved just removing some and adding some. EASY PEASY!
xo, jen

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  1. Super Super Cute! I love all the new touches!! My favorite touch is the burlap monogram letters! So so NICE! Great job!!

  2. Like the more simplified look. Actually, all your pretties stand out more =) The addition of the duck cloth in the light color on the tabletops looks super too. Really brightens it up. So pretty!! Enjoy your new space 😉

  3. It looks nice.

  4. Wow. This is very comfortable looking. I did a Squidoo page on how to make a comfortable bedroom and this is the exact thing I was talking about!! best wishes, Linda

  5. Really Cute! and I love the Letters! -Jessica@GreenPB&Js

  6. I like it. Small things make big differences.

    Another suggestion I heard a long time ago, I think on Oprah?, was take a picture of you and your husband “after” and put it up in your bedroom. It does not mean naked it just means that intimate, happy, connection you two have afterwards time frame. It would be great to put where your flower picture is. When you look at it you remember each other specially and makes it easier to release stress, remember intimate moments, have a special picture that is and can only be you two. Kinda like the always remember to kiss me goodnight stuff you see just a lot more personal and meaningful.

  7. I really like the “lightened up” look. The chippy white birds are so sweet.

  8. This is fabulous and oh so comfy! What a great job and not even an ouch to the purse!!! Applause!!!!!

  9. Jennie, you are an inspiration! What a great way to get a little change without a lot of dollars! And by the way, I LOVE that bedspread! If you get a chance I would love it if you would link up to my debut Sweet Sharing Monday! http://saynotsweetanne.com/2012/sweet-sharing-monday/

  10. Girl! This looks awesome! I love the way that it turned out. I love reading your blog. Its one of my favorites!

    PS- I have a super fun giveaway going on. I would love for you to enter!

  11. Love the light bright look for no money 🙂 I kept looking a the plates thinking something different, the lamps! It looks like you’ve got great high ceilings too! I wish I did.

  12. Great job and I love a no cost redo.

  13. Thanks so much for linking up- I featured you in the Sweet Sharing Monday Wrap Up! swing by and get a button. =D http://saynotsweetanne.com/2012/sweet-sharing-monday-wrap-up/

  14. Thanks so much for being THE FIRST person to join my linky! It just so happens you were featured in this weeks Sweet Sharing Monday Wrap up! come by and grab a button ;D http://saynotsweetanne.com/2012/sweet-sharing-monday-wrap-up/

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