The Laundry Room Revisited

While up at SNAP and visiting the Queen Bee Market I bought a bunch of cute Cut It Out frames. I love them. You can paint them and do what you want with them. I changed up a few things in my Laundry Room. Such as adding a Cut It Out frame. I added fabric to the inside board and hot glued down two antique clothes line pins. I also made two chunky clothes pins into magnets that I added to my magnetic board. I just made some very small changes, BUT SOMETIMES that is all it needs….. THAT and a good cleaning. I have more reason to keep everything running smoothly. Appliance parts from

So here are some newly taken pictures (with  my new camera) of my Laundry Room- Fresh, bright, happy, and clean.
 to get a tutorial on my laundry room wash, dry, and fold signs you can go here.
Here are the chunky clothes pins I hot glued magnets too. I think they look cute on the magnetic board.
and here is my other new addition my Cut It Out frame. I just added a stain around the edges. Hot glued fabric around the inside board, and hot glued down two antique clothes line pins. EASY!
and here is how the decor looks on top of the dryer right now…..
… with a cute new handmade runner. 
thanks for stopping in. 
hugs, jen


  1. What a cute laundry room. I love your additions!

  2.' Danielle Davis says:

    This is the cutest laundry room I have ever seen! Makes it seem not so bad to have to do laundry 😉

  3. There are so many cute touches in your laundry room. I love all the different sizes and styles of clothes pins. We’re Gain lovers around here too…the smell is heaven. 🙂

  4. Very CUTE laundry room – very creative!! Love the new frames.

  5. Cute laundry room! Love that you have a window in there! Mine is a cave!

  6. I so love this room! I think I might actually enjoy doing laundry in there! 🙂

  7. How stinkin cute, Jen! I love the huge clothes pin! Love all of the details…too fun, I would MAYBE actually enjoy doing laundry in a fun room like this!

    Jessica @ Mom 4 Real

  8. Very cute. I love those cute itty bitty socks!
    Tami @ Curb Alert!

  9. Crazy about that magnetic board. Too cute.

  10. Cute! I am working on our laundry room. Painted it and somewhat started decorating last summer. I am now working on the gallery wall I have started in it. I figure, if I”m going to be in there so much, I might as well have a nice room!

  11. It’s very cute, thank you, it’s very inspiring!

  12. Love your laundry room! So much fun!!

  13. I loved this idea so much that I shared it as part of my Fantastic Finds Friday at! I hope you’ll stop by and check it out. If you would rather not have your image shared with a link back to your site, please let me know, and I will remove it.

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