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No Craft, No Project JUST our Valentines in clicks!

Valentines has been LOVE ABOUND! Preston my 10 year old even had a “Valentine” this year? WHAT? HA! we went to Bath and Body works and he picked her out a lip gloss and a cute silicon lip gloss key chain holder with a heart mirror. “SUPER CUTE” He also made her a handmade Valentine. So sweet! this morning he told me that he had to dress extra nice and have his hair just right… all for his Valentine. HA! Its starting already…. OH’ BOY!

The kids woke up to a FESTIVE table full of love. I played cupid last night and had fun doing so. I was only able to get a few shots of the table with my camera phone. It was after 10:00 at night, so it was dark and the picture’s aren’t that great. Anyhoo, the kids are bouncing off the wall’s with sugary energy and love. I savor each holiday with my kids, and want to make them special. I hope they know how special they are to me and how  I love them to pieces. Hubby is out of town but flying in right now as I type. I won’t see him until 9:00 tonight. I CAN’T WAIT! I miss him, I feel a void and an absence when he isn’t here. HE IS TRULY my other half and a part of me and he makes me so gosh darn happy, I can’t ask for more. OK’ enough of the mush gush…. right? SOOOO here is SOME OF OUR Valentine’s in clicks today.

 PLATES were found at Michaels, I got four different ones

The Sweet Tooth Fairy chocolate cake bit cookie and cupcake is for my sweetie this evening. The cookies are from my sweet neighbs and friend Jamie

Bella coloring in her V-day fun book. Like her hair? I did my best, and got the super idea via Pinterest here, and her’s is way better. winks.

 Preston made out like a bandit. P.S. the heart box of chocolates you see are from his Valentine. winks.
 Bella made out too.
 Preston’s Valentines Surprise he picked out for her! The pop up card idea was all him.

 He insisted on putting to “My Valentine” cuteness.

if only all the kids would be happy having whole grain cheerios for their Valentines treats. LUV BUG here!

 here is the kids table from this morning via camera phone.

HOPE YOUR EVENING IS FILLED WITH LOTS OF LOVE TOO. In fact I hope each and every day is filled with lots of love. 

XO, jen

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6 thoughts on “No Craft, No Project JUST our Valentines in clicks!

  1. So cute and so fun! Looks like a fun day. Preston’s valentine cracked me up. Hard to believe they are as old as they are! I realized today that this is Gavin’s last school valentine party, he enters middle school in the fall…eek!

    Our table looked similar this morning. Heart plates and strawberry milk with the leftover pink striped straws for Ellie’s bday. 😉 With their Valentine bags and little gift in for each. Gareth made eggs in heart shaped toast for everyone before school. Some people don’t like Valentine’s day, but I say you don’t have to do the traditional flowers, chocolates and jewelry and be sucked into all of the hoopla to show everyone you love them, it’s the little things that I LOVE the most.

    Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope you have a little time with Kevin tonight when he gets home.

  2. Happy Valentines to the sweetest Mom blogger covered in pink sparkly sprinkles!! Love those plates and the hearts in Bellas hair!! And oh my baby cutie pie yummy as ever!! Love,Lori

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