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Elf on The Shelf- meet {Simmie}

Yesterday morning I ventured out to the store to buy the popular “Elf on The Shelf” for my kids. I told them earlier that morning that I had a really special surprise for them, that they would get after dinner that evening. I told them that they had to be good all day. All the two older kids thought about all day was the surprise, as soon as they came home from school… “What is the surprise?” they asked all kinds of questions over the dinner table hubs and I prepared. Kev and I got a kick out of giving them hints and answering some of their questions. When we were done with dinner we all cleared our plates. I asked the children to gather around the Christmas tree and to close their eyes. I pulled my chair over to the tree and sat down with the Elf on the Shelf book. I asked the children to open their eyes and I told them to listen carefully to each and every thing I read. Their eyes were filled with wonder, even my “3” year olds. I read each page with lots of excitement. Once the story ended I told the kids that we adopted an Elf? and asked them if they wanted to meet him???? YES! they wanted to. 

Out from under the blanket I pulled out our Elf. I have never seen so much excitement and joy in my kids eyes and across their faces, especially Bella. Ryker wanted to get his hands all over the Elf. The children followed me into the room where we got on the website www.elfontheshelf.com where we chose his name

Bella was so cute, she kept giggling and telling me how exciting it was, and she couldn’t stop smiling. We went ahead and registered his name and then played some games on the website. I got the children off to bed and soon after headed to bed myself. 
 Everything about this story and doll is darling, I just love the book. One thing I wanted to do like in all the pictures in the book was to sew on a small bell to Simmie’s hat.
TA-DA! now he really looks like the Elf in the book.
 Simmie flew back to our place super early in the morning and was making all kinds of noise in the kitchen. I heard the water running, so I went to see what all the noise was about and found Simmie taking a bath. He said his journey back to our place from the N. Pole was long and therefore he wanted to bathe to smell nice and fresh before he met the kids.
(I made the mini shower cap, by cutting around the elastic leg of a potty training undie cover (yes’ it was new) I sewed around the cut piece right to left, right side in and then flipped it right side out, and was done. Super easy.) Also, he did not get wet, because that would ruin him. I placed him in a casserole dish, sitting on top of another bowl. I filled the other sink with soapy bubbles and carefully placed the bubbles around Simmie. His feet were a tad damp, but I blotted them dry with a dry towel.
SO WHERE did the kids find Simmie… Head first in the cereal box for an early morning breakfast.
and we are just tickled to of started such a wonderful tradition.
… and there will be more MISCHIEVOUS SIMMIE finds to come….

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9 thoughts on “Elf on The Shelf- meet {Simmie}

  1. I LOVE Elf on the shelf. It’s really more for us than anything. I’m posting our week in review pics tomorrow on my blog. Tonight I put him in the q tip jar and spelled his name out with q tips…hehe

  2. Our “arrived” yesterday. The kids names him Pablo (not sure why). My 6 yr old wrote him a note last night and of course when we came down stairs this morning, Pablo had written back!
    Can’t wait to see where he’ll be ending up each day (love the cereal box)!
    Keep up with his journey!

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