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DIY- Simple Gift Ideas

Today I am sharing “3” fun gift ideas. 
Here is a simple and “Sweet” gift idea for your kids class or for a church class. 
Fill small ziplock baggies (got the baggies at Michael’s) then cut card stock paper to size, fold the paper over the top  of the baggies and staple. DONE! the paper is Canvas Corp paper.

… and here is a teacher gift idea. I didn’t want to worry about making teacher gifts for my two older kids teachers, (because I have enough on my plate) so when I saw these darling blown glass No.2 pencil ornaments at Target, I snatched the last two. I added some black and white polka dot ribbon for hanging and I just need to stick them in a gift bag with tissue paper. The message in the card will read- You may write with a No. 2 pencil but in my book you are No. 1.

Last…. are you feeding the Missionary’s before Christmas? or do you have a son, brother, friend, etc. on a mission? this is a cute gift idea or little treat to send them. M&M- stands for Mormon Missionary. Tonight we are feeding our missionary’s for dinner, and I am giving them these simple “sweet” boxes of M&M’s. Can’t wait. 

That’s all, see you all back here for COM-MONDAY! 
XO jen

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