DIY-Neighbor Gift- A pail of snow balls aka oreo cake balls

I decided to whip up some Oreo Cake balls last night for some of my friends aka neighbors. I am calling this Neighbor gift ..
“A pail of snow balls.”
I crushed up two bags of oreos in a zip lock bag. I  banged the oreos with a rolling pin. (which really helps get out all that holiday stress. HA!) You can use a food processor to do this as well. (I still need to get one.) Then I added in two cream cheese frosting containers and mixed it real well. I let the bowl of OCB chill in the fridge for 15 min. Then I took them out and rolled a bunch of balls, and again let them chill for 15 mins. in the fridge. I melted some white/vanilla candy melts and got dipping. I added some blue sprinkles and silver mini balls to some of the SNOW BALLS aka Oreo cake balls. I placed blue tissue paper down in the bottom of the pails and then added “8” fairly large SNOW BALLS. Last I cut the corners of more tissue paper giving me three cut triangle corners a piece to stick in the tops of each pail. The cute white snowflake pails I got at Target in the $ dollar section. 

xo jen


  1. yum! pretty photos in my fav colour!
    pinned it;
    merry christmas x

  2. Yummo!! Looks amazing!!

  3. These are Awesome!! Saving for next year!

  4. Jen I hope I didn’t forget to mention that I just moved in Next door…. So be sure to drop our Pail off… Don’t worry we’ll supply the Milk… 🙂 Those are SUPER cute and what a FANTASTIC!!! idea.. 🙂

  5. Wish I were your neighbor. These look delish!!! Great idea!

  6. What a cute idea, I love how nice their presentation is!! We made Brownie Christmas Tree treats tonight for our neighbors but are bringing the over on paper plates!! HA!

  7. gorgeous and yummy!! My son would eat these up in a day!

  8. So pretty! I wish you were my neighbor.

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