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Featured Guest Post (Santa Belt Wreath)

Hi Craft-O-Maniac fans! I’m Abbey! I am the voice behind The Cards We Drew.

I’m SO excited to be visiting today to show off my first Christmas wreath of the season! My favorite holiday decor has to be anything with a Santa belt on it. I have mugs, dishtowels, ornaments and more that have the Santa Belt on it, but to date I do not have a wreath. So when I was thinking of a fun Christmas idea to share with all of you, I thought that this would be the perfect chance to make my Santa Belt Christmas Wreath!

You know the best thing about this wreath is how easy it is to make! You don’t have to be a serious crafter to make this wreath. It’s quick and easy and you’ll have something homemade to show off on your door during Christmas.

Here’s what you need to make this wreath:
Straw wreath form
Red yarn (I used a much thicker yarn because I wanted a very full wreath)
Hot glue and gun
One rectangular piece of pre-starched black felt
Silver piece of fabric (I already had some, but you could also buy gold or yellow felt)
White bearded material (I also already had some, but you could use cotton balls or felt or leave it off)

This wreath is so easy I could pretty much sum it up for you in this picture diagram.

Step One: Wrap your wreath with red yarn and hot glue the ends down.

Step Two: Take your piece of starched felt, fold it length wise.

Step Three: Cut a piece of the felt about 2 inches thick.

Step Four: Lay it on your wreath and figure out how big your belt buckle should be, then cut your belt buckle fabric into a square.

Step Five: Once you have your square cut, you’ll need to measure out the cut you need to make on the inside.

Step Six: I drew my cuts on the back of the fabric and then made a slit in the middle of the square and cut it out.
Step Seven: Once my belt buckle is cut out, I glue the felt down and then center my belt buckle and glue my belt buckle down, as well.

OPTIONAL Step Eight: I had some fur left over from a Halloween costume we didn’t end up using, so I cut it out into a beard form and pinned it onto the top of my wreath. I figured that way I could always remove the beard if I got sick of it. Also, it sheds a lot, so I want to be sure I could pull it off and replace it as needed over the years.

OPTIONAL Step Nine: Last I added a little glittered “Merry Christmas” sign I got at JoAnn’s last minute for something extra.

That’s it! So simple, right? And here’s the finished product again!

Thank you SO much to Jennie for having me over at her amazing blog today. And I’d absolutely love it if you came over to The Cards We Drew to see what else I have in store this holiday season!

THANKS ABBEY for sharing this Santa Belt Wreath, its sure cute and original. 
XO, jen

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