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Featured Guest Post- {Mama’s Farm House Apron}

Hello, My name is Angelina and I am the Girl behind the Curtain (blog) of, “Ruby Jean” I still consider myself a newbie in this online world of Blogging, but have found it to be a wonderful community of friends and supporters all seeking the same thing and that thing being… To Inspire and To Be Inspired… I have found some great inspiration here on Jen’s blog and I am so thankful that she shares her space and allows us to leave our little tidbits of inspiration here every Monday… Thank you Jen for inviting us all in.


I am so HAPPY….. 
is FINALLY in the air today
We have been experiencing HIGH temps only a couple of days ago it was
102 degrees…..
We are at a WONDERFUL… Temperature of…
56 degrees
I couldn’t be Happier… 

I have also just added a New Fall Mommas Farmhouse Apron to my shop…

I LOVE the color on this one…
Actually, I think I say that about all the new colors…

I do hope your enjoying your Fall weather as much as I am…


I Pray your day is Blessed!!

CAN WE SAY “HEAVENLY BEAUTIFUL” APRON. I adore it. Thanks Angelina for sharing it with all of us here on COM. winks, jen

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