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Featured Guest Post- {DIY Christmas Tree Artwork}

Hi, my name is Anna, and I blog at My Life and Kids. I’m thrilled to be visiting with Jen at Craft-O-Maniac today!

I had three kids in three years and whew has my life changed! Just a few years ago I had a job I loved, a house in the city and a social life. Now I stay home with my three kids, I live in the suburbs, I wear mom jeans, AND I drive a minivan! In my spare time, I blog about it all at My Life and Kids.

Today, I’m going to share one of my favorite holiday projects with you.

DIY Christmas Tree Artwork

This artwork is fast and easy to create – and costs next to nothing.

Here’s What You Need
0 – Painter’s canvas in the size of your choice. I used an 11 x 14 canvas for this piece of art – purchased at Big Lots for $3.

1 – Three coordinating pieces of scrapbook paper cut into cone trees. Don’t overthink this part – just grab the paper you like and cut out a tall, skinny triangle. Use your first triangle as a template to create the other two.

2 – Something to top your tree. I used sticker embellishments that you can pick up near the scrapbook paper at any craft store. You could also cut out a star or use some old jewelry or buttons. Or – be bold – and don’t have anything on top of your tree.

3 – Foam craft brush – or the Mod Podge applicator of your choice.

4 – Mod Podge

5 – Tree stumps. Cut three little tree stumps out of dark paper. No need to be exact!

6 – Ribbon or ric rac in the color of your choice. It will need to be cut to the exact length of your canvas.

7 – Not Pictured – Elmer’s Glue

First – find the center of your canvas and determine the placement for your middle tree. You’ll Mod Podge the middle tree down first and then do the other two trees.

To Mod Podge your trees, cover your entire canvas in Mod Podge. Then cover the back of your tree in Mod Podge, place it where you want it on the canvas, press it down and then paint over the top of it with Mod Podge again. Be sure to seal the edges.

(If this is your first time using Mod Podge, you can click here for more step-by-step instructions.)

Repeat this process for all three of your trees, your tree stumps, and your tree toppers.

Don’t be nervous if you have bumps or bubbles in your scrapbook paper. These magically disappear when it’s dry.

Using Elmer’s glue, glue your ric rac or ribbon onto the bottom of the canvas.

Set your artwork aside to let it dry.

For more fun holiday projects, stop by My Life and Kids or find me on Facebook.

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Thank you ANNA this is darn right adorable! I love it. Thanks for sharing it with us all. Jen

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5 thoughts on “Featured Guest Post- {DIY Christmas Tree Artwork}

  1. I was inspired and made my own triangle trees–and my husband and son LOVED them 🙂 We seem to be on a “tree” crafts binge this year, and this project started it all. Thanks!

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