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Some Elmers C&T Party Stuff …plus….

Above is a sneak peak of some of the stuff I have made for my Elmer’s Craft & Tell party. I AM WORKING MY HINNIE OFF (not really its still juicy and big ha!) everyday to gear up for my P-AR-TY FRIDAY NIGHT. Crossing fingers I have a descent turn out, because with only “10” invites and not everyone showing… it could be pooie… ๐Ÿ™
I may CRY! sad face they will miss out.

ANYHOO- I used an Elmer’s Bi-fold Styrofoam board that was in the package they sent me, to make a zebra fun sign for the party. As you can see my colors are the Pink, Black, White, Yellow and ZEBRA!

I used a huge fat magic marker and traced out the design first, and then colored it all in.
YOU LIKE? my hubs couldn’t believe that I did this… HA! I guess he was impressed, it was so darn easy. ๐Ÿ˜‰
then I used my cricut to cut out some letter’s E- for Elmers and C & T for Craft & Tell. Also if you dig the paper its all from Canvas Corp. super nice cardstock paper.
if you follow CraftOManiac on FB then you read that Elmer’s contacted me and they are going to be offering a mini Elmer’s Craft and Tell package to “TWO” LUCKY WINNERS… Stay tuned for all the deets.. HA- Details/ Giveaway info. tomorrow….. SEE YOU BACK THEN.ย 
thanks FOR STOPPING BY. winky winks- jen

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7 thoughts on “Some Elmers C&T Party Stuff …plus….

  1. wow – what fun. Wish I was coming. Hope your turn out is great. Have fun.

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving me some love – I enjoy playing along each monday with you and the linky party.

    mommy scraps alot

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