New Curtain Panels=LOVE

New Curtain Panels, they are by Cindy Crawford called Prelude Border 100% polyester so they are very soft. The color is called Seed Pearl, but a dark chocolate brown is on the bottom. I ordered them from JcPenney.

ABOVE is the before with  no curtains, and a hideous plug outlet with cords showing.. UGH.. Major pet peeve. Also below you see my shelf and window with the curtains I had on hand at home and in my cabinet. I just used what I had, but hated that they weren’t long enough. PLUS I wanted the plug outlet “eye sore” covered bad. P.S. A cute basket would work too. 😉

 another shot with the older curtains. -BEFORE-
and I just love it now!!!….. no more ugly plug and cords showing too… EEK! YEAH!
A close up of a few of the things on my shelf. THE TWO tall skinny topiary’s I made. $1 dollar white milk glasses from Tai Pan, two wood dowel’s distressed, and a 2- $2 dollar topiary plastic balls. I stuck Styrofoam in the glasses, stuck the dowel’s in it and placed the topiary ball’s on top. Super easy. The boxes (one small one big) I bought at Tai Pan and the frames too. I cut to size red and white Quarter foil paper to go inside the chunky silver frames.
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  1. I Love it! I have some similar curtains like the ones you and before and would love to get your afters!!! super cute!!!

    P.s. if you wanna check out some valances that I made…. go here 🙂 let me know what you think 😉

  2. I just noticed your couches are at a angle and I LOVE that…I may try this in my home and make more space 🙂

  3. The curtains look great. I like how the dark color on the bottom balances out the dark color of the shelf on top, good choice!

  4. SUPER FABULOUS! I love ’em! Hey, I know you get these all the time…I’m awarding you the Stylish Blogger award. Just cause you’re all fancy and stuff! You can stop by and pick it up if you want:) Smooches!

    Jennie {Cinnaberry Suite}

  5. Do you ever sleep? 🙂
    I love your new curtains!! I have always wanted a shelf like yours!!

  6. They look great!!

    Kelli @

  7.' Anonymous says:

    I love this window shelf (is that what it’s called?)!!! I want some…yeah, some!

  8. I think you need to start charging admission for people looking @ your creations!! There that cute and entertaining!!!

  9. i love your living room! i need to get new panels; we’ve had ours for YEARS! also shopping for a new area rug too (have hard wood floors- HATE them with kids and pets!)

  10. I love those boxes!!!

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