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Hi I’m Sierra from Blue Robin Cottage! I am so honored to share my tutorial with you on
Craft-O-Maniac!! Thank you so much for this opportunity Jen!! 🙂

I am so ready for spring! Move over St. Patricks day, bring on Easter! And what better way to get the holiday rolling than with one of these…

So when guests come to your door, they know you are all about the spring season! 🙂 I totally used what I had on hand so the project only cost me $1
 Here’s What You’ll need for this fun spring wreath:
*This fabric rose tutorial  you will need to make a few of those beauties
* I found the cutest little bird pattern from Spool Sewing. You will need one of those as well
*A wreath of some sorts- I found mine at the dollar store
*Fabric- for the rosettes and mini bunting
*Mini stamp set with black ink pad
*Polyfil- for your birdies
*A tree branch
*Hot glue gun
*Spray paint (if you are painting your wreath
*One small triangle template and one even smaller triangle template for your mini bunting
First you will need to make your little birdies from the pattern link above. They are so cute! I am totally inspired to make a mobile for my daughter’s room with them! 
Have you ever gone to the dollar store with something in mind that you wanted and came out with something way better? This definitely happened to me yesterday when I went to the Dollar Tree looking for a styrofoam wreath and came out with this wicker wreath. Way cooler don’t you think? This is what mine looked like before:
After: with a little spray paint…
You don’t have to paint your wreath, I just had some extra pink spray paint on hand so I thought I would give it a go. 
Find a cute little branch in your backyard. I actually used mine from a Valentine’s day tree I made. Attach with hot glue. 
To make the mini bunting across the top:
Step 1: Trace your triangle template onto your fabric with an invisible ink pen
Step 2: Sew around your triangle, leaving the top open 
Step 3: cut out your triangles
Step 4: turn inside out with a small stick (I used the end of a tiny paint brush
Step 5: Take smaller triangle template and trace on lighter fabric (so that you can see the stamped letters) 
Step 6: Cut out smaller triangles
Step 7: Using your mini stamp set and ink pad, stamp out the letters for “spring”
Step 8: Glue letter triangles onto the bigger triangles with your hot glue gun
Step 9: Sew triangles onto a piece of ribbon long enough to attach to the top of your wreath
Next you will want to arrange your fabric flowers onto your wreath and glue. You also need to attach your mini bunting at the top:
Then attach your birds onto the branch by hot gluing them first and then sewing them on with embroidery thread nice and tight.
And now you have a beautiful spring wreath…
I’m pretty happy with how it turned out! 
Happy Crafting!


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12 thoughts on “Guest Post- DARLING SPRING WREATH!

  1. I definately live in the wrong country. We don’t have cute wreaths like that in our £1 shop, shucks. Still i love what you did. Seems to me there are so many wonderful wreaths out there and until a year or so ago i would certainly not have thought about inventing one for anything other than Christmas 🙂

  2. This is so pretty! Although I don’t sew so I might make the rosettes and “spring” sign out of paper and try to buy some birds somewhere…… thanks for the inspiration!

  3. That is just perfect for eatsre with the little birds- what a lovely idea!! And the colours are just lovely.Thanks for sharing, I love wreaths, and make tons of them on my blog , hahaha, you can’t have too many wreaths!!!

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