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-One shabby metal tin/vase.
-One bag of shredded pastel paper.
-One cute wood Easter sign w/ soft pastel colored polka dots.
-Two RESIN Mr. and Mrs. Easter Bunnies, perfect for a ledge, or shelf.
-Two metal bunny and chic Easter Ornies… However they have the scrolly tops and would be so cute to hold Easter pics. Hot glue magnets to the back and they become magnets too, or magnetize them to your cute metal tin/vase one on each side. Or use the vase to hold a cute Easter Tree and hang the bunny and chic ornies from the Easter tree. WINKS!
1st ENTRY- YOU ARE ONE OF MY ENABLERS, or you BECOME AN ENABLER aka follower- let me know.
2nd ENTRY- You LIKE CraftOManiac on FB, let me know.
3rd ENTRY- TWEET, BLOG, OR FB this GIVEAWAY, come back and let me know
4th ENTRY- what is your FAVORITE thing about Easter Day?
make sure for each entry you do it separately…. BETTER CHANCE AT WINNING!

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379 thoughts on “-YOURS TRULY- EASTER {{GIVEAWAY}}-

  1. My favorite thing about Easter day is watching my little girls open the easter baskets and hunt around the house for eggs that the easter bunny left behind!

  2. My favorite thing about Easter is all the food. We have a yummy ham dinner with funeral potatoes and deviled eggs. Yumm Yumm!! I also love Easter candy.

  3. My favorite thing about Easter is spending it up at my cabin. We have done this since we were little. We wake up and see what the easter bunny brought and then we go to an Easter egg hunt with all the people up in the mountains. Some of my best memories were during Easter and I love sharing the tradition with my little guy and my husband!

  4. The best part of Easter to me is spending the morning in church sitting next to my wonderful husband! Being a military family, it is just the 3 of us (one daughter) so the meal is simple but the egg hunt is full of laughs!

  5. 4th entry- My favorite thing about Easter is our church service that morning & the egg hunt that follows. My little boy gets to learn about the real meaning of the holiday & have fun, too. And, I love the excuse to buy a new outfit. That’s my tradition. Have to have a new outfit for Easter! 😀

  6. My favorite thing about Easter is dressing the family up and going to Church and then after taking family pictures in our fancy Easter clothing.
    And the next best thing is making my teenage boy wear a pastel colored tie for Church and said pictures. 😛

  7. This year for Easter, I’m looking forward to spending time with our families! (And the weather being WARM…I am so over all this snow!)


  8. I love Easter for what it stands for, Family,Church,outside events,food,colors,weather,birds,fresh air, and smiles on the little one’s faces of HAPPINESS!!!!

  9. My fav thing about Easter is spending time with my family!! I love Easter dinner .. YUMMY!!! And I love hiding eggs for my kids.. it lets me be a kid again too!!!

  10. My fav thing about Easter Day: I love the look on my kids faces when they get thier Easter Baskets:) Its so cute when they get excited about finding eggs too:) I love seeing my kids happy and having fun!

  11. Easter Day my family and I go to my grandparent’s after Easter service for roast beef and mashed potatoes! My cousin, 17, my sister 22, and I, 18, participate in an Easter egg hunt in the backyard! Even after getting past the novelty, we still do it! Our parents and grandparents get involved too! We’ve lost a few eggs in years prior, so the hiders have since made a list of where they hide them and give us clues if any are missing! Such a great time!

  12. I follow you and I “Like” you on Face Book because you are awesome!! I also told all my Face Book friends about your Give-Away! But I hope to win because it’s adorable!

  13. My favorite thing about Easter Day is the feelings of New Beginnings! The Spring season, everything turning green, the flowers coming up and their cheerful blooms amoung the memories of last years dried foliage. New birth depicted by bunnys and baby chicks that symbolize the resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ and the hope of New Beginnings His Atonement gives us.

  14. I “liked” your facebook page. Can’t wait to get inspiration from you on a regular basis. Glad more crafters are making Facebook pages makes it so easy to keep up with my favorite blogs. Thank you.

  15. My favorite thing about Easter is seeing the little girls and boys in their Easter dresses and suits looking so cute running through the yard with Easter baskets collecting eggs with oohs and ahhs.

  16. I am an enabler (I feel as though I am in some kinds of a addiction meeting writing that) and I love those rabbits! Best part about Easter for me is the excuse to saturate the house in pastels.

  17. My Fav thing about Easter Day is watching my girls run around the yard looking for the prizes and clues my mom has hidden for her annual Easter Treasure Hunt. I should probably say I also love seeing the girls at mass in their beautiful Easter dresses, too 😉

  18. What I like about is Easter? It is a beautiful day to remember our Savior and the sacrafice that he did in order for us to return to Him. Oh, and all the chocolate that my kid receives. 😉 He likes to share with his mama.

  19. My favorite thing about Easter is getting together for lunch after church. It’s such a great time to reflect on how special the holiday is.

  20. My favorite thing about Easter is that my boys let me put them in matching spring-colored clothes! And we love us a good egg hunt. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  21. i love watching my daughters face as she tries to find the easter eggs! I also love having her wear her easter dress and remembering the true meaning of Easter

  22. My favorite part of Easter day is the basket and easter egg hunt. My husband and I get just as excited about it as the kids. And of course there are the almond joy eggs-YUM!

  23. My favorite thing about Easter…its hard to pick one thing but it would be spending time with family and doing all the traditions of Easter.

  24. My favorite thing about Easter is all of the Decorating that I get to do and all of the foods which I make…..and last but not least chocolate bunnies and colored eggs!!!

  25. My favorite part of Easter is being at sunrise service singing “Christ the Lord Has Risen Today” just as the sun is beginning to rise in the sky.

  26. Favorite thing(S) about Easter Day? I love celebrating the day Jesus is resurrected, I love all the pastels, bonnets, and poofy Easter regalia, I love to make eggs and fill them and hide them for my little ones-plus it means Spring spring spring is on its way (I’m really sick of looking at white slop on my deck) Ready for Easter time sunshine!

  27. My favorite thing about Easter Day has to be how glriously beautiful the day is… wonderful songs & worship at church, beautiful new dresses & clothes for kiddos & mommas & daddys, colored eggs, baskets, delicious food, oh & chocolate bunnies for breakfast! 🙂

  28. I love seeing my son’s face on Easter Morning when he sees the bunny trail of goodies left by the Easter Bunny to his basket! Priceless! Especially when I know these moments do not last forever!

  29. My favorite thing about Easter is the special day it is to remember the wonderful life and Resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. My other favorite thing is the Easter candy! 🙂

  30. Oh I am an enabler and I “like” you on FB too! My favorite Easter memory as a child is the sunrise service. Watching the sun come up with the family…ain’t nothin’ better 🙂

  31. I am an enabler! Love your blog. Favorite part of Easter- well, it shouldn’t be, but I had to laugh when I read Nancy’s post about Cadbury Eggs. MY FAVORITE too! I would stock up, but know that they would still be gone within a week or so.

    Thanks for generous gift.

  32. There’s a lot of things I love about Easter, religious and commercial. My favorite would be the reminder that Christ died for us, overwhelmed the grave, and rose from the dead.

    Thank you for the super cute giveaway!

  33. I love Easter for the Reese’s Eggs.

    If I do (perchance) win, I will let the loot go to Tammy who directed me here. Not that it’s not cute…after all, she absolutely loves it and it will catapult me into ‘ultimate-awesome-friendship’ with her if I do.

  34. Hi there Jennie!
    I am already a follower. And what I love about Easter is that it always reminds me of my Grandma. Her name was Esther, because she was born on Easter! 🙂 How cute is that?! She passed away when I was young, but I still have great memories of her.
    Hugs to you!
    PS–what a great giveaway!

  35. I am an enabler. I love your site. I just found it today from Chickensintheroad. I love all craft things to make. I love Easter season. I love LIFE.

  36. Hello I am Bobbi Jo and I am an enabler…. (Hi Bobbi). NO there is no 12 step for this. I would love to win this awesome Easter giveaway! I am now an enabler here on your blog, on FB and posted about it on my blog. Good luck to all who enter. Hugs, Bobbi Jo
    p.s. Love your blog!

  37. The thing I like best about Easter Is Christ whose resurrection the holiday represents. After that my favorite are the fresh faced children in their Sunday best looking for Easter eggs.
    Please visit my blog. I am having a giveaway also. Thanks in advance. Ginger

  38. My fav thing about Easter is the egg hunt. My in-laws used to do one for money for the adults before we had kids, but now it’s just candy. It’s still fun!

  39. Entry 1 – I am a follower

    Entry 2 – I “like” you on facebook

    Entry 3 – My favorite thing about easter is the celebration of Christs resurrection with my family. (Baby bunnies and chickies dont hurt either hee hee!)

    Thanks for the giveaway.Good luck ladies!

  40. I love your blog!!! Found you on Cindy’s page. I am abscessed now a shelf like the one over the window in you living room. You can bet I will be back to read you blog. Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas. Debbie in KS

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