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Me with a {Messy Pony}

My hair IS WAY LONG… passed my bra strap. I am not ready to cut it, and I do think I look better with longer hair too. So one thing I do… and will do more of when baby lub gets here… is pull my hair back in a messy pony. I curl my hair here and there with a large barrel iron, then run my hands through my hair, and spritz it with hair spray. I create a low pony in the back, giving myself a sort of messy bump on top. I then use a soft/material like rubber band (in this case it was a large flower attached to a hair band.) I place the flower band in my hair to a nice tightness. I lastly pin my hair here and there with bobby pins. The look I am going for is not to polished or perfect….
“YOUR MESSY PONY!” p.s. the shirt was not made, I bought it at a FAV. store Target! thanks for stopping by!

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