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Awhile back Jen from Redberry Barn emailed me and asked if I would be interested in receiving a Canvas Corp. Kit. “UM, YEAH!” were my thoughts. I have seen some of the cute KA-UTE! stuff Jen has posted on her blog with Canvas Corp. products, so needless to say I was excited. I have made TWO fun crafts using Canvas Corp. products. One craft using all Canvas Corp. stuff and the other one you see BE-LOW.

Here is the one craft I made using “some” SUPER CUTE PRODUCTS from
Canvas Corp.

First I taped down strips of tape on a 11×14 canvas board, to make stripes. Then with black acrylic paint I used a stencil brush and stenciled in the lines with the paint.

 once the paint was dry, I removed the tape and added some red glitter glue over some of the black stripes.

I added silver thumb tacks to each corner.. I love embellishing and adding dimension and layers. I just pushed the tacks into the wood. I also wrapped some hounds-tooth ribbon I had around the bottom and tied a knot.

I used the Canvas Corp “LIVE LAUGH LOVE” scrap paper and used my Cricut to cut out a large heart, I then roughed up the edges with scissors.I mod podged the heart onto the dry canvas.

Next I used one of the DARLING Canvas Corp. zebra tags, black jute, and silver clothes pin to  add more layers and dimension. I cut out a smaller heart from my Cricut and added glitter glue and silver glitter over the glue for a fun effect.

I love the final product and I don’t know what it is but it reminds me of NO DOUBT’S LAMB collection…. or something No Doubt would make if she crafted… HA HA, I make myself laugh. It also reminded me of my sissy so I gave it to her and she was THE very HAPPY recipient of this product. All though it looks Valentines-ish its really not. However, you can make it and use it for Valentines. P.S. I think it would look cute in a young girl pre-teens room.

THANKS SO MUCH FOR stopping by and thanks again jen, and Canvas Corp.
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8 thoughts on “LIVE LAUGH LOVE- ART!

  1. Very funky, I love it! I know what you mean about the No Doubt LAMB look, but it’s very cool!

    I’m in love with that LIVE LAUGH LOVE paper!

  2. What a great job you did on it! It looks wonderful! Love the silver studs on the corners! I’ve always wanted some ideas to use for those blank canvas’ that you see at Walmart. It’s nice to see some new ideas besides just painting on them! 🙂 – Karen

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