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{HUG} frame on my Valentines Entry table

I make these frames every year, and for most of the holidays. Simply by changing out the paper, or fabric, and letters. I have done I heart U, Hop, USA, Boo, Joy, etc. Its a super easy inexpensive DIY craft you can do for the holidays. The black frame is from Walmart for 3.00 dollars. The letters I cut out from my cricut. I even used a glue stick to attach them to the thin fabric. THATS ALL. The love blocks I purchased years ago, but would be cute to duplicate right?

 the hanging hugs and kisses sign I too bought, but again would be easy to make.

Because its a “LOVE” table. It made sense to put a picture frame of mine and Mr. Larsens wedding day, and another my mom took of the two of us asleep on her couch when we were dating. This Sept. will make 12 years. “WOW” and truly I CAN honestly say I love him way more now then I ever did. It really does get better.

No I am not that skinny anymore… I would have to starve for a year to be a “4” again!

 I love the sound of his beating heart. Even to this day, if I can’t sleep I cuddle up to him and the sound of his heart always relaxes me. 😉 The “XO” blocks I bought years ago, but wouldn’t they be cute to make?

I purchased this heart berry wreath years ago. Most the red berries look faded, but I still “HEART” it!


I am linking up with C.R.A.F.T. for Making Monday Marvelous HERE and Stories of A-Z for Beth’s Valentine Mantel Party HERE.

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31 thoughts on “{HUG} frame on my Valentines Entry table

  1. Super cute! I love the the HUG frame. I want to make one! You are going crazy with the Valentines crafts:) You are so talented! Love your blog.

  2. My kids went back today- it was so nice! What sweet pics of you & your hubby and a very cute Valentine’s display. I love that frame that the couch picture is in! Congratulations on 12 years!

  3. GIRL, you are always so on top of things. I’m still dranging out the Christmas stuff I barfed out. I need to get it done already! SO, I do have Krumpets spray. MY FAVORITE. My in-laws live in SU and we visit often. Thank goodness…where else would I find such yummy smellin’ stuff? I would die without my spray! Thanks for inspiring me to get my stuff done! SmoOcHes!

    Jennie {Cinnaberry Suite}

  4. Love it all, as usual! Great job! You do inspire, I know you’ve certainly inspired me to get going on the V-day crafts – like someone else said.

  5. Okay, so I think you need to hang a huge vinyl lettering sign above your bed that says “I love the sound of your beating heart!” <3 That would be so cute!! I love LOVE! 🙂

  6. What a festive end table. I’ve found myself stuck in the January orgnaizing blah phase, but upon your inspiration and adorable crafting, I think I’m going to head strait into Valentine’s day full-speed. Puts a smile on my face just thinking of it! 🙂
    I’m your newest follower,

  7. Ok, so I am so inspired by your HUGS frame.I took mine off the wall (of the kiddies) and took it apart and just spray painted it black (just now I did this)…when it drys…I will find some paper and put behind the mat…only 1 problem..dont own a circuit machine…so I will have to print and cut out..either way…thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Oh how precious! I just adore the tiny heart wreath. You always create such precious vignettes for your adorable family to admire and cherish.

    We sold our old stuff Jenn. Hooray! I’m so excited. Check back to see my new sofas soon.

    You look gorgeous and glowing at 24weeks on your other blog. I’m so happy for you! ~Melissa 🙂

  9. It’s all gorgeous!! I love that wire heart thing-a-mah-bob on the mirror. OH and the sweet pic of y’all cuddling on the couch. OH and the berry wreath and that frame, what a great idea to change it out for the different holidays. OK OK I love it all!!! 🙂

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