DIY- Valentine Oven Decor


I did this really simple Valentine Decor in my kitchen LAST YEAR! I don’t have this up or out yet this year. So I bought the cute pot holders at Target in the $1.00 dollar section last year. p.s. LOVE TARGET and their dollar section. I just simply thread and tied ribbon through the pot holders as well as the large cookie cutter I had, and then tied them all to my oven door. Its just a simple little cute thing to do in your kitchen if you choose.

P.S. FOR THOSE OF YOU who have tried clicking the pic. boxes below my posts, to view older Valentine crafts, I don’t know what happened to the pictures in the post. I apologize. Truly you are only missing one thing I did, the rest I have showed you this year from doing it last year. As well as the new stuff I have created so far this year. Sorry again for any frustration. THANKS FOR STOPPING BY! xo jen


  1. so cute (and so simple).
    We have that exact stove, btw 🙂

  2. This looks really cute. Have a great week! La

  3. Just found your blog. LOVE it!! Great ideas, I can’t wait to try some of your projects! I too have a crafting disorder, and a LOVE for the dollar spot at Target!
    Thanks for sharing!


  4. Really Cute! I love Targets $1.00 section:)

  5. Adorable! I love Target too! I just found the cutest Valentine wreath in the dollar spot-it was the $2.50 section..but still a wonderful price!

  6. Cute idea, I like it!

  7. Very cute! Target’s dollar section is awesome!

  8. Wow I really like your blog!
    You have a new follower,

    xxx and happy new year

  9. I’m loving all your Valentine crafts! I think I have some Val. potholders. I’ll have to tie them up!

  10. So cute Jen, but why wouldn’t it be??!! It’s you for Pete sake!! Luv ya!

  11. I love it!! And I have to say that I am seriously in love with all of your fun Valentine’s Day stuff!!!

  12. Alright Jen, fork over all of the Valentine Day’s items in your kitchen!!LOL! 🙂 Everything looks Great! Thank-You for such nice ideas!!

  13. So Cute! what an awesome idea 🙂

    ~ Emily N. from “too Blessed to Stress”

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