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My Wittle Debil

Hi THERE- first I wanted to say that IT WAS A HOOT reading all your Trick or Treat Candy or not so candy stories.
Some that stood out were-
getting hamburger helper samples… HOLY WHAT? that is the worst by far.
hiking a long driveway to just get one tiny tootsie roll… HOLY Cheap O’S!
receiving ketchup or mustard packets… HOLY Your KIDDING RIGHT? HA!
and finally every year hitting the same homes only getting apples… HOLY BOOOO, that sucks!
thanks to all of you for commenting it was fun. I SURE HOPE THIS YEAR IS A GREAT FUN {SWEET} TURN OUT FOR YA’LL! NOT TO MENTION SAFE!

i WANTED to share with you my WITTLE DEBIL. I will post a pic. Friday of all my kiddos in their costumes since we are going to my hubs Work Halloween party and Chili cook off. I am entering my chili again this year. I won SECOND place last year and hope to WIN FIRST THIS YEAR! (crossing fingers) Anyway the kiddos will get to all wear their costumes that night so i will get some pics. to share.
FOR NOW here is my youngest- and this costume couldn’t suit him better. He is almost 2 and in full blown terrible two mode. SO here is wittle debil.

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10 thoughts on “My Wittle Debil

  1. Your little debil is adorable!

    When I was a kid, there was a house that gave out hot dogs on steamed buns. They were sooo good. That was in the 60s before people started tampering with treats.

    I think we’ll have hot dogs for dinner…on steamed buns.

    Happy Halloween! La

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