Kids Lunch- Jack O’ Lantern Quesadilla’s

VERY SIMPLE LUNCH- just cut out the design and pieces with a knife, slice your cheese. Lay one piece down on a sprayed pan, layer with cheese and place the cut out piece on top. Flip them and when toasty looking on both sides- all done. Serve with SOME PUMPKIN BLOOD aka taco sauce. Happy children you will find.  

Of course, I did cut them into fours after I got this pic. just make sure YOU SCREAM AHHHH’ the pumpkins getting cut…. for extra kid laughter. 😉


  1. Super cute idea! I know what we’re having for lunch!

  2. cute idea…and super easy!

  3. So cute! I will definintely be doing that on Halloween 🙂

  4. Holy genius, Batman! I adore this idea! Loving it. I’m all about fast, but cute. My kids would love this. Especially my 3 year old, who is eating a plain ‘ol quesadilla right now.


  5. Great idea to make lunch fun. La

  6. You were featured on my blog!! Swing by and check it out – I have a link up as well if you’d like to join. 🙂 Have a great Thursday!

    Jennifer @ Life with the Lebedas

  7. I forgot to tell you to grab the ‘feature’ button! 😀

  8. So cute. Great for smiling faces and happy tummies. Thanks for sharing.

  9. So cute! I love it!

  10. I love this!! Great idea, momma.

  11. COOL!!! Looks like lunch in my
    house today.
    Happpppppppppppppppy Halllllllllloooooooooweeeeeeeeeeen

  12. love these! And the cute pic of the girls eating them.

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