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Annoyed HELP~

Hi guys I have MUCH to share with you. However, Picasa web albums automatically stores my photos into “WEB” albums, even though I used my pics. and edit them through Picasa 3. I have had to go into Picasa web albums sign in and delete old photos, just to give myself more room aka memory. I wasn’t to happy with that, since I am deleting memories and now my older posts “archives” DON’T have pics. I hate that they are being stingy and want you to pay for more photos, SHEESH… that is lame, I should be able to upload pics. to my computer and use them at me leisure. SO CAN YOU ALL HELP? PURDY PLEASE!!! I don’t want to spend a penny on more memory, where can I upload my pics. or send them too, or who can I use that is great? ANY IDEAS OR TIPS? PLEASE, I have stuff to share with you lovelies… THANKS!


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5 thoughts on “Annoyed HELP~

  1. I’am not sure this is what you are looking for….But, I store all my photo’s in a place called photobucket and it’s free…I have thousands of pics in there!! I hope that helps.

  2. If you just want photo storage use snapfish.com, I have years worth of pictures on there and it’s free! And I use picnik.com to edit all my photos. I know it gives you the option of where to saved your edited pictures, but I always save them to my pc. Don’t know if it helps or not!

  3. I upload all my pics directly onto my computer, then save them on discs, however, I’m asking My Love for an external hard drive for my b-day. As for editing, I have photoshop elements or I just use the Microsoft Office Picture Manager that came with my Office 2007 I bought. I know there are free sites for picture editing too though like picnik.com, but I’ve never tried it. Hope this helps!

  4. I save all of my photos to my desktop in appropriate folders. Then I print and add them to CDs for “safe keeping.” I add them manually through the Blogger dash when I write my posts. I can edit beforehand in Picasa, Paint, Picnik, etc.

  5. You could always open a second picasa account then link the new account as a coauthor to your blog. Since you use Picasa to store your blog images already, why not continue to use it! I too use picasa but since all of my photo’s are stored on an extrenal harddrive I do not worry about losing any of my web albums. I would highly recommend buying a hard drive to back up your web albums. Walmart is carrying 1T drives for about $100 (I think 1000GB of storage space should be adequate for almost anyone but you can find larger drives on the market, try Newegg.com for good deals too!)

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