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Please Tell me~ WOULD YOU….

I really REALLY want to try to do a linky party~ but am so nervous for a bad/lame turnout. SO WOULD YOU GUYS link up your crafts if I did one?

THIS WOULD BE THE CUTE NAME: Craft-o-maniac Monday~ and you would link up your crafts every monday? Then I can find even more of your fab. crafts and show them for Feature Friday!

I would love your feedback?  please oh’ please!


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12 thoughts on “Please Tell me~ WOULD YOU….

  1. I can’t believe you are even giving this a second guess! You have the cutest blog and I know I would be there to link up every week! I can’t believe how well mine has done and I will definitely promote yours for you!

  2. i would. totally! i love a good linky party. i understand not wanting to start one if you are feeling like people won’t play. these things take a while to get going but crafty link up seem to be REALLY popular and you are adorable, so you should totally do it.

    i just started my own linky party with my Happy List. i went in thinking, “OK this may take a minute to catch on, or it may never catch on, but you make a happy list every week anyway so go for it, come what may”.

    so, go for it, come what may!

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